About Us

Behind GardenAndGrass.com, there is a team of authors, editors, designers, and SEO persons who are on their edge to make it a valued resource center for gardeners and lawn owners. What we believe is, people who own a backyard garden or lawn, love to beautify, maintain, decorate, and even troubleshoot the problems within it by themselves. But what most of them lack is the prior knowledge and expertise to do so.

And that’s the void we’re trying to fill in here at GardenAndGrass.com.

How The Blogs Are Written?

Those of us who run the website, are not from the same geographic location. But one thing that puts us on the same page is- we all love gardening- be it a container garden, balcony garden, rooftop garden, and even widespread in-ground garden.

When we talk about a problem and try to craft the solution, most of them are incidents that we’ve probably faced and eventually sorted out ourselves.

On the flip side, some of those instances might not be faced by ourselves. But we don’t give up helping our readers even then. We have an enthusiastic team of web researches that interacts with fellow gardeners and puts together a refined solution from their experiences. Hence, all of the contents that you’ll be reading here, are either crafted on either our first-hand experience as gardeners or the same experiences of other gardeners and lawn owners around the globe.]

And yeah, while we recommend tools and products to get over with some problem, we go the extra mile of researching the best product of that out and link them within the copies as well. To be frank, we earn a little commission(nothing is taken from your pocket) if you make a valid purchase through our links. We hope you don’t mind that. 🙂

What’s In the Box of Chocolate?

So far, we’re putting our best to build up the website from scratch. Soon, we’ll be launching our Gardening channel on YouTube and a Pinterest board as well.

Also, we’re open for collaboration with gardeners, gardening service providers, gardening supply shops and any kind of interactions that connect us with our beloved readers.

Enough about us. Talk soon.