Best Chainsaw Chain For Cutting Firewood Review List

Best Chainsaw Chain For Cutting Firewood Review List

Have you been trying to buy the best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood? Allow us to help.

There are numerous options to choose from, which is bound to have you confused. But don’t worry because we are here to assist you with making the right decision. In this post, we have reviewed the 6 best chainsaw chains for cutting firewood along with an informational buying guide.

Let’s begin!

Best Chainsaw Chain For Cutting Firewood Review List

The 6 Best Chainsaw Chain For Cutting Firewood Review List

We went over all of the features and specifications to select the top 6 chainsaw chain options reviewed below.

Oregon S62 AdvanceCut Chain 18-Inch – Best Overall

[lasso ref=”oregon-s62-advancecut-chainsaw-chain-for-18-inch-bar-62-drive-links-low-kickback-chain-fits-husqvarna-echo-poulan-craftsman-echo-and-more” id=”5884″ link_id=”6627″]

Hence, serving as a great replacement chain without having to look for more options.

The chain has a length appropriate for 18-inch guide bars with a gauge and pitch size of 0.050 and 0.375 inches, respectively. It offers durable construction that ensures long time usage. The chain is made with precision, heat-treated steel that enables smooth and efficient cutting without wearing out quickly.

The exterior is covered with a tough layer of chrome that imparts corrosion resistance to the chain. Moreover, the hardened rivets prevent the chain from stretching out and ensure that the chainsaw delivers full cutting performance.

Item Size: 5 x 10 x 1 inches

Item Weight: 5.6 ounces

Pitch: 0.375 inches

Gauge: 0.050 inches

Drive Links: 62

Bar Length: 18 inches

Oregon’s S62 chain has an excellent low kickback and low vibration design, making it a user-friendly chainsaw chain. It prevents the risk of fatal injuries and reduces strain on the arms while cutting wood for extended periods. Oregon also offers a lifetime warranty with the S62 chainsaw chain, making it an excellent choice for long time use.


  • High compatibility with all chainsaw brands and models.
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Chrome outer layer and hardened rivets ensure corrosion resistance and prevent stretching.
  • Low kickback and low vibration design for safety and efficient cutting.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 18-Inch – Ergonomic Design

[lasso ref=”husqvarna-chainsaw-chain-18-inch-050-gauge-325-pitch-low-kickback-low-vibration” id=”5885″ link_id=”6628″]

The chain is also lightweight, reducing stress on the guide bar.

It has a low kickback design that reduces the risk of injuries to the face and limbs. On the other hand, the low vibration feature reduces arm fatigue when using the chainsaw for extended periods. This ergonomic design ensures your safety while allowing you to cut firewood efficiently.

The Husqvarna chainsaw chain bears sharp teeth that effectively cut through different wood without wearing out. It does not require frequent sharpening as its high-quality construction helps maintain its sharpness. This chain is ideal for commercial purposes and is also used in professional environments by many arborists. One of the best features of its design is that it offers a low stretch that aids in enhancing its performance while saving up on frequent replacements.

Item Size:18 x 0.25 x 0.5 inches

Item Weight: 9.6 ounces

Pitch: 0.325 inches

Gauge: 0.050 inches

Drive Links: 72

Bar Length: 18 inches

This chainsaw chain is suitable for Husqvarna chainsaws and can fit every model with an 18-inch bar. Husqvarna also offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty with this saw chain.


  • Low vibration design reduces arm fatigue with prolonged use.
  • The low kickback feature prevents injuries from mishandling chainsaws.
  • Lightweight and durable construction.
  • Low-stretch chain not requiring constant replacing.

Oregon D72 AdvanceCut Chain 20-Inch Bar – LubriTec Technology

[lasso ref=”oregon-d72-advancecut-chainsaw-chain-for-20-inch-bar-72-drive-links-low-kickback-chain-fits-husqvarna-stihl-dolmar-jonsered-and-more” id=”5875″ link_id=”6629″]

The performance delivered by the Oregon D72 helps it secure a position in our list of the best chainsaw chains for cutting firewood. This saw chain offers high performance and high-quality construction, making it an all-rounder for cutting various types of wood.

Similar to the Oregon S62, the D72 can also fit different chainsaw models from different brands. It has 72 drive links and is suitable for a 20-inch guide bar with a 0.050-inch gauge and 0.375-inch pitch. The chain is manufactured with high-quality heat-treated steel, and along with the chrome plating, it offers durability.

Furthermore, the integrated teeth are tough, allowing the effective cutting performance of firewood. This chain can also smoothly cut through debris without wearing out, making it ideal for chainsaws used in commercial tasks.

Item Size: 6 x 8 x 6 inches

Item Weight: 14.4 ounces

Pitch: 0.375 inches

Gauge: 0.050 inches

Drive Links: 72

Bar Length: 20 inches

A unique feature of the Oregon D72 is the integrated LubriTec automatic oiling technology. This smart technology delivers oil evenly to the chain, maintaining its quality and extending its life. The chain also has a low kickback and low vibration design that ensures user safety and provides comfort during prolonged cutting. Oregon also offers a lifetime warranty on the D72 chainsaw chain.


  • Delivers high performance, thanks to sharp and rigid teeth.
  • Durable construction that ensures long-term usage.
  • Compatible with different chainsaw brands.
  • LubriTec technology automatically delivers oil to the chain and maintains its condition.

SUNGATOR 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain SG-S62 – Most Durable

[lasso ref=”sungator-3-pack-18-inch-chainsaw-chain-sg-s62-3-8-lp-pitch-050-gauge-62-drive-links-compatible-with-craftsman-ryobi-homelite-poulan” id=”5886″ link_id=”6630″]

The chain is manufactured with the highest quality German steel which offers toughness and makes it resistant to fracturing. Its rivets are heat-treated and quenched, enabling a rigid connection between the drive links while reducing chain stretch.

In addition, the industrial-grade hard chrome plating provides enhanced resistance against corrosion and wearing, saving up on frequent maintenance and replacements. The teeth on this semi-chisel chainsaw chain have a round edge and are highly sharp and rigid. This characteristic allows the chain to cut through wood easily in less time without losing its quality with constant use.

Item Size: 9.65 x 4.25 x 0.87 inches

Item Weight: 1.34 pounds

Pitch: 0.375 inches

Gauge: 0.050 inches

Drive Links: 62

Bar Length: 18 inches

The SUNGATOR SG-S62 chainsaw chain is compatible with a variety of chainsaw brands and models. This chain also offers a low kickback design that meets the standards set by ANSI.


  • High-quality German steel construction and chrome plating impart durability.
  • Hardened rivets and teeth deliver excellent performance.
  • Suitable for various chainsaw brands.
  • A low kickback design provides maximum safety.

KAKEI S56 Chain For 16-Inch Bar – Anti-Corrosive

[lasso ref=”kakei-16-inch-chainsaw-chain-3-pack-s56-050-gauge-3-8-lp-pitch-56-drive-links-fits-craftsman-poulan-ryobi-echo-greenworks-and-more” id=”5887″ link_id=”6631″]

To make the chainsaw chain resistant to corrosion and wear, the KAKEI S56 features Japanese chrome plating. It makes the links, rivets, and cutters rigid and enhances their life. A protective oil is also coated on the chain to further protect it from rusting and corrosion.

Item Size: 9.92 x 6.02 x 1.06 inches

Item Weight: 1.18 pounds

Pitch: 0.375 inches

Gauge: 0.050 inches

Drive Links: 56

Bar Length: 16 inches

KAKEI S56’s cutters are carefully ground with rotary machines that help increase their sharpness, enabling efficient cutting performance. It offers a low kickback design that ensures safety when cutting. Furthermore, this chain has excellent compatibility with chainsaws of different available brands.


  • Japanese chrome plating and protective oil coating guarantee corrosion resistance.
  • German steel structures enable durability and prolonged use.
  • Ground cutters offer enhanced sharpness.
  • A low kickback design ensures safety.

Tallox 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain – Budget-Friendly

[lasso ref=”tallox-3-pack-16-chainsaw-chains-3-8-lp-050-56-drive-links-fits-craftsman-echo-homelite-poulan-remington” id=”5888″ link_id=”6632″]

Tallox offers quality within a reasonable price range of 20 to 30 dollars compared to other high-end chainsaw chains. The best part is that it comes in a pack of three chains that can help you save money on buying new replacement chains.

The chains are manufactured with high-strength German steel, imparting rigidity. Hence, you can use it for demanding wood cutting tasks without wearing it out quickly. Its rivets are also hardened, and the cutters are plated with chrome to allow extended usage of the chain. The Tallox chainsaw chain offers a length of 16 inches which is ideal for lightweight chainsaws typically used in homes.

Item Size: 7.17 x 4.45 x 2.32 inches

Item Weight: 1.46 pounds

Pitch: 0.375 inches

Gauge: 0.050 inches

Drive Links: 56

Bar Length: 16 inches

This chainsaw chain is also compatible with chainsaws from different brands with the exact requirements. Hence, it can serve as a great affordable replacement for old worn-out chains.


  • Budget-friendly option.
  • High-quality German steel construction.
  • Compatible with chainsaws of various brands.
  • Ideal for lightweight chainsaws.

Best Chainsaw Chain For Cutting Firewood Buying Guide

Different chainsaw chains are designed for utilization in different applications. Using the wrong chain on your chainsaw to cut firewood can have various adverse effects. The most significant danger of using one is the risk of kickback injury resulting from the sudden impact of the chainsaw on the face. An incompatible chain can also wear away with time, requiring frequent replacement and costing you a lot.

If the chain is not a perfect fit, it can overwork the chainsaw engine, damage the bar and other parts and waste the fuel. It will also produce ineffective cutting results and will need constant resharpening, Thus, costing you money and time.

Buying the best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood makes the process easier. It helps save budget, ensures your safety, and makes firewood cutting efficient. You would not need to constantly replace the chain, fill up fuel and worry about your chainsaw getting damaged.

Best Chainsaw Chain For Cutting Firewood – Buying Factors

There are various brands out there that claim to manufacture the best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood. However, in reality, not every chain is. Here are a few factors you should look out for when purchasing a chainsaw chain suitable for firewood:


Gauge is the thickness or width of the drive links that can fit into the grooves of the guide bar. To know what chain gauge would be best, check for its specified value at the back of your chainsaw’s bar. The gauge size affects the weight and strength of the drive links. Moreover, the correct gauge size will ensure that the chain appropriately fits the guide bar.



The pitch of a chain is the measure of how close its drive links are. A smaller pitch value is excellent for home-based tasks. Contrastingly, a greater distance between the links indicates that you can utilize the chain for more aggressive cutting. The pitch value is usually labeled on a chainsaw guide bar, similar to the gauge value. But, if you want to be sure, you can measure the distance between three consecutive rivets and divide the length by half.


Determining the length of the chain is essential for finding the right fit for your chainsaw. You can find the appropriate chain length by these two methods:

  • By Measuring The Guide Bar

You can measure the distance from the bar’s tip to the point where it emerges from the casing. This distance will provide you with an accurate measurement of the chain length you will require. Typically a chainsaw guide bar measures around 16, 18 or 20 inches.

  • By Counting The Drive Links

You can use an old chain as a reference to measure the length. Lay it out on a flat surface and count the number of drive links present on the chain. This method will tell you which chain you should go for to replace your old one. You can also add the number of drive links to the pitch value to find the correct fitting chain for your chainsaw.

Type Of Chain

There are two types of chainsaw chains; full-chisel and semi-chisel chains. The full-chisel chain contains square teeth that are ideal for aggressive hardwood cutting. On the other hand, the semi-chisel chain has rounded-edged teeth perfect for cutting wood types like firewood. Therefore, Look for a semi-chisel design when buying the best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood. It can make your work easier and will not require frequent replacing.

Type Of Chain


Always check for the quality of the chain before purchasing it. The best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood should be manufactured with high quality and high-strength material that ensures durability and corrosion resistance.

The attached rivets should also be of high quality to enable an excellent performance of the chain. A chain with excellent quality ensures long-time usage and saves up on constant replacing while delivering effective results.


User-Friendly And Safety Features

When purchasing the best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood, look for the one that offers additional features like an anti-kickback and anti-vibration design. These two features can ensure your safety while providing an efficient cutting process. The anti-kickback feature prevents possible chainsaw injuries, while the anti-vibration feature reduces arm strain during prolonged use.


What type of chainsaw chain cuts the fastest?

A full-chisel chain, also known as a standard chisel chain, cuts wood the fastest. This type of chain has square-shaped teeth that effectively cut hardwood. However, the drawback of a full-chisel chain is that it wears out faster and requires frequent replacing.

Are carbide chainsaw chains better?

Professionals consider chainsaw chains manufactured with carbide steel better than traditional ones. Such chainsaw chains offer higher durability and much better performance.

A carbide chainsaw chain is able to cut five times effectively compared to other chains due to its rigid construction. It can also cut ice, frozen or wet wood and walls too. Carbide chainsaw chains are also highly resistant to corrosion and do not require frequent resharpening.

How often does a chainsaw chain need to be sharpened?

The number of times a chainsaw chain would require sharpening depends on the medium it is cutting and how frequently it is used. It is recommended that a chainsaw chain be resharpened after every ten times of use.

Although, the chain might need sharpening after every session if you are dealing with muddy wood or using it constantly, as it can wear the chain quickly. If the sharpening limit has been reached and the chain starts to get damaged, it is better to get a replacement chain to avoid injuries and ineffective wood cutting.


Doing adequate research beforehand can undoubtedly aid you in buying the best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood. Making an informed buying decision is all about spending money to obtain quality. That’s why we hope our 6 best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood review list and buying guide has provided you with the information you were looking for.

Happy woodcutting!

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