Best Fertilizer For Endless Summer Hydrangea Reviews

Best Fertilizer For Endless Summer Hydrangea Reviews

You can’t the best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangea? Allow this guide to help!

The traditional hydrangea got a significant upgrade in the early 2000s via the development of the endless summer hydrangea, the primary reblooming hydrangea type. They can grow their huge, bold flowers on old and new wood, making your garden look more colorful and appealing for an incredibly long period.

Finding the best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangea is the key to making your garden look mesmerizing for everyone. However, it can be a challenging task because of the many fertilizer options out there.

In this guide, we review the 6 best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangea.

Let’s get to it!

Best Fertilizer For Endless Summer Hydrangea Reviews

6 Best Fertilizer For Endless Summer Hydrangea – Review List

Fertilizers are the most crucial factor when trying to grow healthy endless summer hydrangeas. It can be pretty tricky to pick one of the best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangea available.

So, please keep reading to learn more about our top picks to see what suits your garden needs!

Espoma Holly Tone Fertilizer – Best Overall

[lasso ref=”espoma-holly-tone-4-3-4-natural-18-lb-bag-the-original-best-fertilizer-for-all-acid-loving-plants-including-rhododendrons-hydrangeas” id=”4251″ link_id=”6374″]

The first and the best overall pick on our list of the 6 best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangea is the Espoma Holly Tone fertilizer. This fertilizer is perfect for taking your hydrangeas to the next level. This organic fertilizer has a unique formula that is suitable for diverse plants. The 18-pound pack will last you a long time.

Like the Miracle-Gro plant food mentioned in the list, the Holly Tone fertilizer also works fast. You will only have to fertilize your endless summer hydrangeas monthly before it rains.

Type: Granule

Item Weight: 18 pounds

According to various gardeners, this fertilizer is very easy to apply, and they deliver beautiful endless summer hydrangeas. This fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 4-3-4.

Moreover, Espoma Holly Tone fertilizer is ideal for people who prefer organic gardening because it has no chemicals.

It contains beneficial microbes, which will make your endless summer hydrangeas bloom even in the winter season.

Another standout quality of this organic fertilizer is that it controls the leaves from wilting and yellowing, makes the roots stronger and prevents the attack of pests.

You can use Holly Tone fertilizer every 14 to 20 days, depending on the dimensions of your endless summer hydrangea garden. Also, you can combine it with all types of compost.


  • It does not burn or destroy the plants.
  • Fast-acting formula.
  • Positive results.
  • All-natural components.

Osmocote Plant Food Plus – Runner Up

[lasso ref=”osmocote-smart-release-plant-food-plus-outdoor-indoor-8-lb” id=”5775″ link_id=”6375″]

This fertilizer is suitable for all plant varieties, especially endless summer hydrangeas, and it works nicely in a variety of climates.

This fertilizer can feed your endless summer hydrangeas easily for around 6 weeks. Moreover, it includes 11 vital nutrients that are essential for plants. This plant food by Osmocote is a slow-release fertilizer intentionally created to gradually feed your endless summer hydrangeas.

Type: Granule

Item Weight: 8 pounds

The outstanding quality of this fertilizer is that the granules are covered with semi-penetrable resin. Consequently, when water is added to the endless summer hydrangeas, the unique coating allows it to infiltrate and dissolve those nutrients.

Later, the dissolved nutrients are released during temperature shifts. The warmer the temperatures, the quicker nutrients get released.

Spread this fertilizer into the ground, blend thoroughly, and water well afterward.


  • Easy fertilizer application.
  • Includes special resin-coated granules.
  • Works well in every growing condition.

Miracle-Gro Acid-Loving Plant Food – Best Value Pick

[lasso ref=”scotts-company-miracle-gro-1750011-water-soluble-miracid-acid-loving-plant-food-1-pound” id=”5776″ link_id=”6376″]

Miracle-Gro Acid-Loving plant food has an NPK ratio of 30-10-10 to help your endless summer hydrangeas have a successful start in the spring season and thrive throughout the summer season.

Type: Granule

Item Weight: 1 pound

To achieve ideal results, you need to dilute this fertilizer in water and apply it around the endless summer hydrangeas base every 1 to 2 weeks. Miracle-Gro plant food’s gentle acid formula decreases the garden soil’s pH level, which increases the chance of endless summer hydrangea flowers getting a blue, purple, or pink tone.


  • Instant acid fertilization.
  • Healthy root development.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Cost-effective.

BIOADVANCED All in 1 Rose Care – Beautiful Bloom

[lasso ref=”bioadvanced-701260b-32oz-all-in-1-rose-care-32-oz-concentrate” id=”3693″ link_id=”6377″]

Another fertilizer on our list is the BIOADVANCED All in 1 Rose & Flower Care fertilizer. This fertilizer is appropriate for endless summer hydrangeas and other flowers despite its name having the word “Rose” in it.

One spring spreading will provide endless summer hydrangeas with a regular NPK 9-14-9 feed for around 6 weeks. It is created to enable big, plentiful blooms.

Type: Liquid

Item Weight: 2 pounds

This hydrangeas fertilizer needs to be diluted in water before pouring it around your endless summer hydrangea plant base, avoiding the leaves. Additionally, the fertilizer’s NPK nutrients have insect control to save plants from pests.

It also contains a disease control that prevents fungus and mildew. Moreover, rain or water will not wash away the BIOADVANCED fertilizer. You do not need to spray it for application, so it is easy to use.


  • Promotes healthy plants while resisting pests.
  • Prevents diseases like black spots, powdery mildew, and rust.
  • Long-lasting product effectiveness.
  • Easy application.

JR Peters Hydrangea Fertilizer – Crucial Nutrients

[lasso ref=”j-r-peters-inc-59324-jacks-classic-no-7-3-3-hydrangea-fertilizer-blue-1-5-lb” id=”4247″ link_id=”6378″]

JR Peters is another famous name in gardening manufacturing. The JR Peters Hydrangea fertilizer uses an inventive method to form a water-soluble fertilizer. Moreover, it has several crucial nutrients. The NPK ratio is 7-3-3.

This powder fertilizer includes a precise amount of ammonium sulfate and excellent nutrients to encourage optimum plant growth and blossoming. As this fertilizer is applied, the micronutrients are delivered to the endless summer hydrangeas. Furthermore, sulfate lowers the soil’s pH level to make it appropriate for plants that bloom in acid.

Type: Powder

Item Weight: 1 pound

Use the fertilizer according to package instructions to allow your endless summer hydrangeas to grow lush green leaves with gorgeous blue flowers. You will have to wait a few weeks to let JR Peters Hydrangea fertilizer do its magic!

The most suitable time to spread this fertilizer is early morning and late at night.


  • Healthy plant development.
  • It reduces the pH level of the soil.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Includes a bunch of nutrients.

Dr. Earth 703P Organic Acid Fertilizer – Best Organic Pick

Dr. Earth’s Organic Acid fertilizer also promotes the growth of acid-loving endless summer hydrangeas. So, it had to be on our list. This fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 3-4-3 and comprises only organic and natural ingredients, like bone meal, kelp meal, and alfalfa meal.

Along with the nutrients, it has strains of healthy soil and probiotics that enhance soil health and improve plant growth.

Type: Granule

Item Weight: 4 pounds

Its ingredients are specifically formulated to reduce the soil’s pH, making it ideal for acid-loving flowers.

To achieve the best outcomes, use it in the spring season and then every 2 months. Ensure the granules are blended well with the soil and watered generously. This fertilizer also holds water in case of deficiency, so your endless summer hydrangeas will endure even the hottest of months.


  • Constantly feeds for several months.
  • Contains healthy microbes and probiotics.
  • Beneficial for transplanting and mid-season growth.
  • Boosts leaf and flower outcome.
  • Easy to store.

Best Fertilizer For Endless Summer Hydrangea Buyer’s Guide

Achieving gorgeous, endless summer hydrangea plants with abundant flowers is not as difficult as one might think. It would help if you cared for your plants and regularly supplied all the vital nutrients.

So, buying the best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangea is essential. Read on to learn about the crucial factors you need to consider before selecting a suitable fertilizer for your endless summer hydrangea plants!

The Type of Soil

You must figure out the soil type in your home garden. Typically, endless summer hydrangeas thrive on light soil, making for suitable drainage. However, if your garden soil is rich and thick, you should use natural organic plant fertilizers to enhance it.

Before buying an endless summer hydrangea fertilizer, an inspection of the soil acidity level is a significant step. Most importantly, check the product specifications of the fertilizer and make sure it is suitable for the soil type in your garden.

The Type of Soil

NPK Ratio

Retail fertilizers are marked by the quantities of N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), and K (potassium), which are shown on the packet as the NPK ratio. A multipurpose, stabilized fertilizer will be ideal for your endless summer hydrangea plant’s healthy growth.

A balanced plant fertilizer will promote healthy greenery as well as plentiful blossoms. For home gardeners striving to improve the flowers’ abundance and size, a fertilizer with a higher phosphorus concentration, such as a Dr. Earth Organic Acid Fertilizer with 3-4-3 NPK, will be helpful.

NPK Ratio


Your budget is vital to keep in mind when choosing the best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangea. Different fertilizers produced by various brands come in diverse prices and sizes.

While the price is never the only aspect in deciding the efficiency of fertilizer, it can become problematic if you are not willing to spend much. All of the fertilizers mentioned in our list of top picks will not dig a hole in your pocket!


Various ways of fertilizer application are appropriate for various types of fertilizers. You might have to mix some fertilizers with water before use, sprinkle some on the topsoil or insert them at the roots of endless summer hydrangeas. You will learn about these different types of fertilizers by reading further below.

Types of Fertilizers for Endless Summer Hydrangeas

The best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangea has three primary forms: granule, liquid, and compressed spikes. All three types present various advantages. Let’s talk about them.


These are among the most common and popular kinds of fertilizer dissolved in water and sprayed on soil or spread around your plant’s base. Granular fertilizers slow-release the granules into the ground near the base of the endless summer hydrangea plant. Their nutrients are relatively durable.



Liquid fertilizers are instantly soaked into the soil by the plants’ leaves and roots. They are quite suitable for a fast boost of nutrients. This type of fertilizer is available as a ready-to-go or a concentrate that you should dilute with water before use. You must follow the instructions on the package.



These are also suitable as durable fertilizers. Spikes are shortened to be effortlessly moved into the soil around the base of your plants. Spikes slowly dissolve over two to three months.

Growing Conditions of Endless Summer Hydrangeas

This article establishes that fertilizing your endless summer hydrangea with a uniquely formulated fertilizer is the most crucial step in growing a vibrant hydrangea garden. In addition to that, endless summer hydrangeas prefer some other growing conditions as well. The growing conditions have been mentioned below.

Shade and Sun

Endless summer hydrangeas flourish in shady areas or approximately three to four hours of direct sunlight daily. It is best if they acquire sunlight in the morning and the required shade in the evening.

Planting zones that acquire too much daylight will end up with lesser blooms. On the other hand, planting spots in too much shade can result in weak stems and lesser blooms.


While endless summer hydrangeas can thrive in different soils, they require some moisture to blossom. The soil acidity and alkalinity level will decide the color of your hydrangeas, from blue to purple to pink. If you want to grow blue endless summer hydrangeas, your soil must be acidic. On the other hand, more alkaline soil will result in pink hydrangeas. You can do this by adding aluminum sulfate or a sulfur soil acidifier.

Be mindful that putting aluminum sulfate in excess can raise the salinity of the ground, which will stop your endless summer hydrangea from blooming. Reach out to your regional extension headquarters to perform a complete soil examination to check that the soil salinity is not less than 1 and more than 3.

Please note that you will not see results immediately. It will take at least two seasons to modify soil pH levels to bring change.


Endless summer hydrangeas are rugged and robust. They have exceptional winter tolerance and can resist cold temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. This suggests that flowering is completely reliable no matter how cold the temperature gets.


Watering your endless summer hydrangea routinely would be best for their healthy growth. You can increase it to twice a week during the summer season.


Avoid cutting overgrown or dead branches of your endless summer hydrangea because they can blossom on old and new growth. However, it would help to prune any destroyed, perishing, or infected branches.


How should I fertilize endless summer hydrangeas?

It is essential to follow the recommendations on the product packaging. Liquid fertilizer should be diluted and sprayed around the base of your plant, or you can spread it on the vegetation. Granular fertilizers are mainly sprinkled onto the top layer of the soil. Spikes are placed near the plant’s base and moved beneath the soil’s surface.

How frequently should I fertilize my endless summer hydrangeas?

It would help if you fertilized your endless summer hydrangeas in the spring season as soon as it starts to leaf out, giving it a jumpstart in the earlier season. It would help to fertilize them the second time during July, which is the growing season.

Why are my endless summer hydrangeas not flowering?

Cutting away or destroying stems and branches is a typical reason why most endless summer hydrangeas do not blossom. They blossom on new and old growth, so they do not need over-pruning unless they are lifeless, perishing, or infected.

How do I change the color of endless summer hydrangeas?

Endless summer hydrangeas can bloom in purple, blue, and pink hues, depending on the pH level of your garden soil. It is essential to remember that fertilizers solely cannot influence the soil pH level enough to alter the endless summer hydrangea’s color from pink to blue or blue to purple.

However, some readily available soil modifications can help achieve this. You will require garden lime to boost the pH level to change the flowers to pink and a soil acidifier to reduce the pH level and change your endless summer hydrangeas to blue.


We hope you have found this guide about the 6 best fertilizer for endless summer hydrangea helpful. As you can see, our top pick is the Miracle-Gro Acid-Loving Plant Food because it effectively enhances blossom production for endless summer hydrangeas even if the soil is not acidic.

However, feel free to look into the rest of the options we have reviewed to find what works best for you.

Happy hydrangea gardening!

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