Best Lawn Mower Blades For Striping Review & Buying Guide

Best Lawn Mower Blades For Striping Review & Buying Guide

Have you been trying to find the best lawn mower blades for striping? We have your answer!

Lawn striping makes a garden look more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. However, it can be a tough job to do right. Lawn striping is usually seen on golf courses and stadiums. But a lot of domestic lawn owners might wish to try it, too.

The first thing to take note of is the type of blade that needs to be used. The right type of blade is essential for correct and even striping. And we are here to educate you all about it!

In this post, we have reviewed the 5 best lawn mower blades for striping. You will also find a detailed buyer’s guide and some FAQs at the end.

Let’s begin!

Best Lawn Mower Blades For Striping Review & Buying Guide

5 Best Lawn Mower Blades For Striping – Review List

We get that it might be confusing to select one set of blades among so many choices available. Hence, to help you choose the best lawn mower blades for striping your garden, we have reviewed the 5 to products below.

Maxpower 561713XB Blade Set – Best Overall

[lasso ref=”maxpower-561713xb-commercial-mulching-2-blade-set-for-42-poulan-husqvarna-craftsman-replaces-138498-138971-138971×431-532138971-pp24005-black” id=”5731″ link_id=”6233″]

Hence, they will last for a long time for home gardens as they are designed to handle expansive lawns. If you are buying them to replace your lawn mower’s blunt blades, do not forget to read all the compatible model numbers mentioned by the manufacturer.

Product Weight: 5.2 pounds

Cut Size: 42 inches

Product Dimensions: 21 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches

These blades can be used for a 42-inch cut, and they also have a five-point center hole. With the blades being 21 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, these work well in striping your gardens perfectly. These MaxPower blades are also manufactured to meet all the OEM standards and specifications.


  • Great cut of 42 inches.
  • Meets all the OEM specifications.
  • Works great with different types of lawn mowers.

MaxPower 561713B 2-Blade Set – Runner-Up

[lasso ref=”maxpower-561713b-2-blade-set-for-42-cut-poulan-husqvarna-craftsman-replaces-138498-138971-138971×431-532138971-53-21278-43-53-21384-98-black” id=”5732″ link_id=”6234″]

The OEM numbers are also clearly mentioned for buyers to see before purchasing the product. These blades work well for mid to large-sized lawns.

Product Weight: 3.94 pounds

Cut Size: 42 inches

Product Dimensions: 21 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches

This product includes two 42 inches cut-size blades. They have 5-point center holes, making them perfect for making different striping patterns. These blades also weigh much less than others.


  • Offers 42 inches cut.
  • Meets all standards of OEM.
  • Weigh much less than others.
  • Compatible with many types of lawn mowers.

LawnRAZOR Blades – Cutting Consistency

[lasso ref=”8ten-lawnrazor-mulching-blade-for-john-deere-scotts-42-inch-deck-l100-l105-l110-gx20249-gy20567-gx20433-2-pack” id=”5733″ link_id=”6235″]

They cut much more evenly with their precise center holes and blade specifications. The toothed blades are made to clear thick grass quickly and effortlessly.

Product Weight: 4.6 pounds

Cut Size: 42 inches

Product Dimensions: 24 x 4 x 4 inches

They are also suitable for replacing other blades with matching OEM numbers. These blades are made to do all the tough jobs; hence they are great for cutting tall, overgrown grass and creating beautiful stripes on your lawn.


  • Excellent for cutting tall grass.
  • Made to clear thick grass easily.
  • Better cutting consistency.

8TEN LawnRAZOR Blade – Heavy Duty Blades

[lasso ref=”8ten-lawnrazor-mower-blade-for-cub-cadet-60-inch-cut-decks-02005019-942-04415-01005338-742-04415-3-pack-high-lift” id=”5734″ link_id=”6236″]

The 8TEN blades are also made according to the OEM specifications.

Product Weight: 9.9 pounds

Cut Size: 60 inches

Product Dimensions: 24 x 4 x 4 inches

The blade cut size is almost 60 inches, making them one of the best lawn mower blades for striping that you can opt for. The length of the blade is about 21 inches, and the width comes in at 3 inches. These blades have a center hole of about 3/4 inches. With their high-quality build, these blades can handle tough gardening jobs.


  • Made for rough, commercial use.
  • Can easily cut thick and tall grass.
  • 60 inches blade cut size.
  • Made of heavy-duty metal.

6PK USA Mower Blade – Most Budget-Friendly Product

[lasso ref=”6pk-usa-mower-blade-for-52-exmark-lazer-z-103-6402-103-6402-s-103-6382-toro-109-6873″ id=”5735″ link_id=”6237″]

These blades are made of high-quality metal and are a suitable replacement for any compatible OEM lawn mower models.

Product Weight: 19.3 pounds

Cut Size: 52 inches

Product Dimensions: 18 x 2.5 x 0.203 inches

These airlift blades allow air to pass through the grass while cutting so that it does not wilt. The center hole is 15/16 inches, and the blade length is about 18 inches. These blades also have a great cut size of 52 inches. With these, you can effortlessly mow your mid to large-sized lawn and give it a lovely striped finish.


  • Features Airlift blades.
  • Durable construction.
  • Great cut size.

Best Lawn Mower Blades For Striping Buying Guide

If you are interested in lawn striping, this section is for you. Many factors are essential to consider before you start grooming your garden. This buyer’s guide discusses all you need to know, including striping patterns, blade measurements, blade sharpness, and replacements. So keep on reading till the end!

What Is Lawn Striping?

Lawn striping is one of the methods of cutting or mowing your garden’s grass. It is the easiest way to elevate your garden’s look and appeal. Lawn striping instantly makes any garden look professional, luxurious, and beautiful.

The name ‘striping’ refers to the patterns made on the grass, similar to stripes and checkerboards. The striping look is achieved when the sunlight reflects off the grass. Its cutting method is very particular. The grass is cut using sharp blades in both inward and outwards directions. The grass bent inwards looks darker than the grass bent outwards, which is lighter in color. Hence, the outcome is a striped pattern. In order to achieve perfect striping patterns, heavy lawn mowers with sharp blades are required.

What Is Lawn Striping?

Advantages Of Striping Your Garden

Below are some advantages you get from striping your garden’s grass.

Advantages Of Striping Your Garden

Healthier Grass

Lawn striping ensures healthier and luscious grass. It is because mowing your grass in one direction most of the time leads to uneven grass cutting. Mowing unevenly results in the taller grass blocking the shorter grass from receiving sunlight. This ultimately leads to wilted, discolored, or dead grass.

In comparison, striping your garden in two directions, i.e., lawn striping ensures that all the grass is cut uniformly. This results in much healthier grass as all of it receives an equal amount of sunlight.

Healthier Grass


Increases Garden’s Appeal

Lawn striping leaves our gardens looking luscious with thick, even, healthy grass. It helps a lot in increasing the curb’s appeal and attraction. Many owners use this technique to elevate the look of their property, which ultimately leads to attracting more clients. Lawn striping looks very professional and helps increase the value of the property.

Different Lawn Striping Patterns And How To Make Them

There are mainly three types of striping patterns. Try making it in your gardens by reading the brief explanations below!

The Basic Striping

A basic stripe pattern is made by mowing your garden either in the direction of north-south or east-west. You can easily make this pattern in your garden by following the steps below.

  1. Pick a side and start by mowing the lawn from one corner to another in a straight line.
  2. As you reach the end, lift your mower to turn it in the opposite direction and start cutting the adjacent grass in the other way.
  3. Repeat these steps until you have mowed the whole lawn’s perimeter.

The Checkerboard

The checkerboard pattern can be achieved by striping your garden twice, first by striping along one direction and then mowing it again in the perpendicular direction. Follow the steps below to achieve the checkerboard pattern.

  1. Start by striping your garden as you would typically do.
  2. Now, place the mower perpendicular to the stripes and start mowing it the same way as done before. For example, if you have striped first in the east-west direction, then now do it in the north-south direction.

The Diagonal

The diagonal pattern is a bit complex to achieve. However, it gives your garden a beautiful, intricate look. Make diagonal stripes in your garden by following these steps.

  1. Start by mowing only the edges of your garden so that it looks clean for the diagonal stripes.
  2. Now, pick an edge and adjust your lawn mower at a suitable angle. Start mowing diagonally to the lawn’s edges.
  3. Repeat these steps from the other edge as well, and your lawn will be striped diagonally.

How To Measure A Lawn Mower’s Blade Properly

If the blades of your lawn mowers have become too blunt, grounded, or old, then it’s of no use to sharpen them now. Instead, start looking for its replacements by using the OEM numbers. But to further guarantee that the new blades will perfectly fit your current lawn mower, it is essential to measure the blades correctly.

Follow the steps below to measure a lawn mower’s blade correctly.

  • The blade length should be measured diagonally from one cutting edge to another. This results in the most accurate measurements.
  • The width of the blade is to be measured from its center in the shorter direction.
  • The thickness of the blade should be measured from the center in the longer direction.
  • The center hole is the easiest to measure. Just measure its diameter directly across its center.
  • To measure the outer holes of the blade correctly, measure from center to center.

How to Sharpen A Lawn Mower’s Blade

Before ultimately replacing your lawn mower’s blades, you should know how to properly sharpen them to make the most of the blade’s service life.

We are here to make your life easier. So, below are the steps to sharpen blades without removing them from the lawn mower!

  1. Collect all the tools required for the sharpening process. This includes some water, wooden blocks, steel wire brush, angled grinder, metal blade, and gloves for safety.
  2. Move your lawn mower to a completely flat surface. Make sure that the brakes are applied as well.
  3. As you will be tilting the lawn mower to sharpen its blade, sealing the gas tank is essential to avoid any spillage. For this step, remove the gas tank’s lid and seal it with a plastic cover before putting the lid back on. If you have an electric lawn mower, ensure that its plug is not connected.
  4. The next step involves tilting your lawn mower to the side to see the blades clearly. Remember that the gas tank and carburetor have to be on top.
  5. Lift the lawn mower by adjusting the wooden block beneath it. This will make the lawn mower much more stable, and the blades will be more accessible.
  6. Use the second wooden block to stop the blade from moving in any direction to avoid any accidents while sharpening it.
  7. Using the steel wire brush, water and cloth, clean the blade thoroughly to remove any rust or dirt from the grass.
  8. This next step involves sharpening the blades. You can take either a metal blade or an electric grinder. Electric grinders are usually safer and easier to use. Hold the grinder at a proper angle; usually, a 45-degree angle is most recommended. Now, start sharpening one side of the blade in a single direction with uniform and slow motions instead of quick sawing-like motions.
  9. After sharpening one side, follow the same procedure to sharpen the other side of the blade carefully.
  10. Now that the blades are razor-sharp, lift the mower back to its position, and do not forget to unseal the gas tank.
  11. How to Sharpen A Lawn Mower's Blade


How to know which lawn mower blade to buy?

The best way is to check the OEM number of the lawn mower blade if you are looking for a replacement. The OEM numbers consist of all the information, such as the type of blade and all the measurements. These numbers are specific and assigned to the blades by their manufacturing companies. You can easily find this number written on commercially available blades, making it easy to choose the right one.

Can you use any size blade in a lawn mower?

No, you can not put any blade in your lawn mower. It will only cause the machine to stop working, and it can even be dangerous as the blades will not fit. Only blades that match all the dimensions and the center hole size can be used in a specific lawn mower. If you want to buy a blade made for your lawn mower, check their OEM number to make sure it matches your lawn mower’s requirements.

When to replace a lawn mower’s blades?

You should replace your lawn mower blades once their service life is up. Additionally, grinding or sharpening chips away from the blades’ material, and when too much of it has chipped away, the blade becomes useless. Hence, there comes the point when sharpening a blade will no longer prove helpful, and it becomes necessary to replace the blade.

How often should you replace lawn mower blades?

It is a good and common practice to replace lawn mower blades annually. Usually, the blades start to get blunt and dull after being used for a year or more. It is essential to maintain the blades by sharpening them regularly. Otherwise, they will require a replacement much earlier than usual. Sharpening them also helps if you wish to use them for a longer period.


Wrapping it all up, striping your lawn can make the enture area appealing and make your grass healthier. However, you need the right blades for the job, and it is crucial to change your lawn mower’s blades when required. Using blunt blades to cut or stripe your grass is dangerous and wasteful. Do not forget to make sure that the OEM numbers match correctly.

Also, before making the final purchase of the product, keep in mind that it is essential to check the blade’s length, width, cut size, and center hole size.

We hope our 5 best lawn mower blades for striping review list and buying guide have increased your knowledge regarding lawn striping and the necessary blades.

We wish you the best of luck on your garden adventures!

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