10 Best Weed and Feed for Amazing Lawn (Complete Guide)


Have you been wondering about the best weed and feed for healthy lawns? We have you covered!

All garden enthusiasts and plant lovers, whether they are amateurs or experts, know very well how important it is to take proper care of their plants. This is made possible by practicing two very crucial things; nourishing the plant and making sure it has a safe environment to thrive and grow.

Proper sunlight, watering, and good soil can help your plants become luscious and beautiful. You can easily nourish the soil using good fertilizers, but it is vital to make sure you are solely nourishing your plants and not a bunch of pests. Weeds are a great nuisance and can actually hinder healthy plant growth.

You would need to do double the amount of work when it comes to nourishment and removing pest plants if weed and feed was not readily available in the market. This great product helps provide the required nutrients to your plant while also acting as a herbicide for those unwanted weeds. Truly a win-win!

Now the actual question is, which weed and feed should you pick for your garden? With tons of weed and feed products available in the market, it can indeed get difficult to pick one that is best suited to your needs. But worry not, because we are here today to help you choose the best weed and feed product for your garden.

In this article, we will teach you how to assess and evaluate all the best weed and feed products thoroughly. However, before we do that, let us touch upon a few basic things you need to know about weed and feed products. This knowledge is what will actually help you narrow down the options to the best possible choice. So, let’s get



  • Can be spread easily using a drop spreader
  • Kills off dandelions and clovers fast
  • Features WeedGrip Technology
  • Easy to spread
  • Kills off weeds effectively
  • Crowds out future weeds
  • Easy to use
  • Effective in killing weeds
  • Makes grass greener and stronger

Top 10 Best Weed and Feed Products

Now that you know all about weed and feed products, how to use them, and what can bring about effective results; it is now time to look at the best weed and feed products available in the market.

Below is a list of reliable products that have provided great results. We are sure you will be able to find something you like from our list. Let’s take a look!

1. Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed – Top Pick

[lasso ref=”scotts-turf-builder-weed-and-feed-3-covers-up-to-5000-sq-ft-fertilizer-14-29-lbs” id=”4619″ link_id=”4822″]

This weed and feed is very suitable for the removal of dandelions and clovers. In no time, your lawn will be thicker, greener, and lusher.

Item Type: Granular weed and feed

Item Weight: 14.29 lbs

Smell: Odorless

Coverage: 5,000 sq. ft.


  • Easy to spread
  • Kills off weeds effectively
  • Features the power of WeedGrip technology
  • Crowds out future weeds

2. Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed – Best Granular Formula

[lasso ref=”scotts-turf-builder-winterguard-fall-weed-feed-3-covers-up-to-5000-sq-ft-fertilizer-14-lbs-not-available-in-fl” id=”4620″ link_id=”4823″]

This product is suitable for administration during harsh winters when a range of other products can’t provide the required results.

Moreover, the weed and feed formula will also work as a superb fertilizer that will help make your grass thicker and greener. The deep grassroots will be provided nourishment to grow stronger so that they can withstand harsh winter conditions.

This product will also enable your lawn to absorb water and nutrients better.

Item Type: Granular weed and feed

Item Weight: 14 lbs

Smell: Odorless

Coverage: 5,000 sq. ft.


  • Can be spread easily using a drop spreader
  • Kills off dandelions and clovers fast
  • Features WeedGrip Technology

3. Spectracide 96262 Weed & Feed (Ready-to-Spray) – Best Spray Liquid Formula

[lasso ref=”spectracide-96262-weed-feed-20-0-0-ready-to-spray-hg-96262-32-fl-oz-1-pack” id=”4621″ link_id=”4824″]

Moreover, proper use will not only make your lawn weed-free but also healthier.

The fertilizer in this weed and feed uses a 20 percent nitrogen formula. The herbicide in the 2 in 1 mix will easily kill offdandelions, chickweed, knotweed, plantain, clover, mallow, purslane, and broadleaf weeds. To use the weed and feed, you simply need to connect to a hose and spray. For larger areas, you can opt for a backpack sprayer instead.

One pack of this fertilizer can treat a lawn area of 7500 square feet.

Item Type: Liquid weed and feed

Item Weight: 2.73 lbs

Smell: Odorless

Coverage: 7,500 sq. ft.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective in killing weeds
  • Makes grass greener and stronger

4. GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer Weed & Feed – Best Pick For 3-in-1

[lasso ref=”greenview-2129267-fairway-formula-spring-fertilizer-weed-feed-with-crabgrass-preventer-18-lb” id=”4622″ link_id=”4825″]

This weed and feed formula treats and kills over 200 pest plants, including dandelions, seedlings, and crabgrass.

The fertilizer formula is built using 65 percent nitrogen which releases slowly and steadily and will keep your plants nourished for up to 12 weeks.

Take note that St. Augustine grass in Florida, dichondra, and carpet grass are not compatible with this weed and feed. The formula can actually badly damage your grass if not used properly.

Each pack contains enough weed and feed to treat an area of 5000 square feet.

Item Type: Granular weed and feed

Item Weight: 18 lbs

Smell: Odorless

Coverage: 5,000 sq. ft.


  • Kills crabgrass
  • Makes lawn greener
  • Does not need to be applied too often

5. Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass – Best Overall Quality

[lasso ref=”scotts-turf-builder-starter-food-for-new-grass-3-lb-lawn-fertilizer-for-newly-planted-grass-also-great-for-sod-and-grass-plugs-covers-1000-sq-ft” id=”4623″ link_id=”4826″]

The growth rate can be 35 percent greater than grass that is not treated with this fertilizer.

New seeds will also germinate faster and the fertilizer is great for grass plugs and even sod. 24-25-4 is the perfect ratio for a lawn or garden that is in its developmental stage.

This fertilizer is safe for all types of grass and is a great lawn starter product. One pack can be used to treat an area of about 1000 square feet.

Item Type: Granular fertilizer

Item Weight: 3 lbs

Smell: Odorless

Coverage: 1,000 sq. ft.


  • Simple application
  • Revives grass effectively
  • Improves seeding results

6. BIOADVANCED 3-in-1 Weed and Feed – Best Pick For Southern Lawns

[lasso ref=”bioadvanced-weed-and-feed-3-in-1-weed-killer-and-lawn-fertilizer-for-southern-lawns-25-pound-granules” id=”4624″ link_id=”4827″]

The formula has also been designed to kill off dandelions, dollar weeds, and even clovers. One pack of this product can be used to treat about 10,000 square feet of grassy area.

Item Type: Granular fertilizer

Item Weight: 25 lbs

Smell: Odorless

Coverage: 10,000 sq. ft.


  • Kills off weeds and inhibits new growth
  • Makes grass thicker and luscious
  • Offers 6-month protection

7. The Andersons Professional Surge Weed and Feed – Professional Formula

[lasso ref=”the-andersons-professional-surge-weed-and-feed-16-0-9-post-emergent-weed-control-and-fertilizer-covers-up-to-16000-sq-ft-40-lb” id=”4625″ link_id=”4828″]

Out of the 250 weeds that this formula can kill off, the most common ones are dandelions, clover, chickweed, and plantains. The weed and feed formula works great all throughout spring and autumn, even if you administer it during winters.

The fertilizer part of this weed and feed formula helps create a greener, thicker turf that has more robust roots. The fast-releasing nitrogen combined with a 25 percent slow-release nitrogen formula ensures the lawn is provided with nutrients both short-term and long-term.

The small granules of this weed and feed formula provide greater coverage as they are able to treat a greater surface area.

Item Type: Granular fertilizer

Item Weight: 40 lbs

Smell: Odorless

Coverage: 16,000 sq. ft.


  • Kills a variety of weeds effectively
  • Provides performance throughout the “growth” season
  • Smaller particles provide better coverage

8. Pennington UltraGreen Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer – Great Coverage Area

[lasso ref=”pennington-100536600-ultragreen-weed-feed-lawn-fertilizer-12-5-lbs-covers-5000-sq-ft” id=”4626″ link_id=”4829″]

This formula is suitable for both northern and southern types of grass. However, it is not suitable for the floral St. Augustine grass.

The fertilizer in this product is quick-acting and produces superb results. You will have a lush, green garden in no time. The slow-release formula will ensure your plants receive nourishment for a long period of time.

The fertilizer is nitrogen-based and has 10.56 percent of slow-releasing nitrogen. The package can be resealed and stored for later use.

Item Type: Granular fertilizer

Item Weight: 12.5 pounds

Smell: Odorless

Coverage: 5,000 sq. ft.


  • Offers value for money
  • Treats northern and southern grasses
  • Kills a variety of weeds

9. Espoma Organic Weed Preventer Plus Lawn Food – Best Nutrient-rich Lawn Food

[lasso ref=”espoma-organic-weed-preventer-25-lb-cgp25-25-lb” id=”4627″ link_id=”4830″]

This weed and feed product can kill off dandelions, crabgrass, and tons of other types of weeds. Your garden will become greener and thicker in weeks.

The lawn is safe for use soon after the product is applied. This formula needs to be administered to the soil at least 2 times each year. The best time for this is between early spring and early autumn.

It is important to note that this garden-centric product should be applied to lawns that are not in their developmental stages. New seeds might die off due to this product, so it is best not to use this when you have planted new seeds.

Item Type: Granular fertilizer

Item Weight: 25 lbs

Smell: Odorless

Coverage: 1,250 sq. ft.


  • Non-toxic formula
  • Safe for pets and kids
  • All-natural weed preventer

10. BIOADVANCED 5-in-1 Weed and Feed Lawn Fertilizer – Best Multipurpose Product

[lasso ref=”bioadvanced-704860u-5-in-1″ id=”2426″ link_id=”4831″]

This weed and feed product has been made for developing grass and can effectively kill weeds such as dandelions, clovers, and black medic. Not only this, the herbicide in the formula can actually kill off over 200 types of weeds.

Killing off weeds is not the only thing this formula can do, it also works actively to prevent new weeds from sprouting. The product boasts 6 months of weed-free grass.

The herbicide in this product has four types of formulae that can really kill off all that annoying crabgrass. The roots will be destroyed, and the weeds will start to turn purple in color after this product starts working.

Your garden will be fed with nutrients for a good 3 months. The grass will become greener, and the roots will become stronger.

Item Type: Granular fertilizer

Item Weight: 10.32 lbs

Smell: Odorless

Coverage: 4,000 sq. ft.


  • Kills crabgrass easily
  • Inhibits growth of new weeds
  • Offers 6-months of protection

The Importance of Weed and Feed

A good weed and feed formula will help you perform two tasks in one go. The fertilizer in the product will strengthen grass blades and roots and encourage them to absorb the nutrients being administered even better. The herbicide part of the product will effectively kill off weeds that are preventing your grass from living to its fullest.

Most formulas will not only kill pest plants, but they will also make sure that no new weeds can grow. There are tons of formulas available in the market that can kill nearly 200 varieties of weeds.

If you happen to be a new garden enthusiast or a plant lover and are interested in a lush green garden, then investing in a good weed and feed product is a must. Make sure to prepare your lawn beforehand, gather the right tools, read all usage instructions, and apply the product evenly.

All of this will produce great results that will leave you (and others) in awe of your beautiful lawn.

However, make sure to keep pets and children away from the turf for at least 24 to 72 hours. After this period, simply water your lawn and enjoy the results.

Importance of Weed and Feed

When Should You Apply Weed and Feed

Weed and feed is a 2 in 1 product that promises the best results when it is applied to the soil in a suitable time frame. Generally, gardeners apply their weed and feed between the months of April and August.

You may have the best weed and feed at your disposal, but it will not work as required if you apply it too early on. To kill off growing weeds, you need them to be in their developing stage.

Moreover, the fertilizer in the 2 in 1 mix is supposed to provide nourishment to your plants, so it needs to be administered in later stages. Applying it very early can hinder root production and lead to dull, weak grass. Your lawn will need to be mowed constantly, and you can then totally forget about having lush green grass with strong roots.

Following a proper time frame and administering the weed and feed in a strategic manner will not only allow your grass to be healthy, but it will also be free of any pest plants. The best way to know the correct time to apply a weed and feed formula is to simply read the instructions it comes with.

How Does Weed and Feed Work?

Let us now look at how the best weed and feed products actually work and take a closer look at the science working behind such products. All weed and feed products aim to block weed photosynthesis which in turn stops the production of plant proteins. Alternatively, weed and feed products act as tools that destroy roots which then causes the weeds to die off.

The fertilizer component present in high-quality weed and feed promises healthy grass growth so that your lawn can become lush, green and beautiful. With more grass blades present in a particular area, there is even little to no space left for unwanted weeds to sprout.

Remember, it is important to apply your weed and feed within a suitable time frame. Failure to do this will result in undesirable results, and you will only end up wasting your time, effort, and money.

Early application

Although we have touched upon this before, we really want to remind you again. Early application will lead to damaged roots. This happens due to applying unnecessary amounts of fertilizer to the soil, which leads to fertilizer scorch.

Excessive amounts of fertilizer will completely destroy healthy plant growth. Grass loves a high amount of nutrients, but it’s best to administer this after mid-spring. Best weed and feed formulas are usually extended-release. The best month to apply them is April.

Late application

Similar to early application, adding weed and feed formulas too late to the soil has its own set of dire consequences as well. Gardeners that apply the weed and feed formula in September will notice that the product shows very inconsistent or negligible results.

September is a good month to apply herbicides to kill off those unwanted weeds, but it’s an awful month to apply fertilizer. Only the top layer of foliage will indulge in all the nutrients being provided, which will lead to damaged, weak roots. Such roots fail to survive the harsh weather in winters.

After the month of August, it is a smart idea to apply only herbicide formulas to the soil. You can later add pure fertilizer formulas in the month of October to help your lawn thrive.

Whether you like it or not, timing is key with weed and feed products. You need to be vigilant and punctual when administering the formula. It’s always a good idea to read all instructions and labels that come with your product before you start applying it.

When Should You Apply Weed and Feed

How Long Does Weed and Feed Take to Work Their Magic?

You really need to have chosen the most suitable choice out of the best weed and feed products to actually achieve positive results. We will get to this later on in great detail, so do not worry too much about that right now. A good weed and feed product will show results in a couple of weeks, if not sooner.

When applied during the “growth” season, the weed and feed product will kill off dandelions, moss, clovers, and other weeds. You will know these are dying off when weed patches will turn into a black or brown color.

How Long Does Weed and Feed Formula Last?

Each product is different and must only be applied after thoroughly reading user instructions. Every product will have its own manufacturer recommendations but there are general rules of thumb that most gardeners occasionally follow.

According to certain gardeners, a weed and feed formula can be applied one time or at most twice during the growing season. In some cases, the formula may also be applied periodically with a gap of two months or similar.

Liquid Weed and Feed vs Granular – Which Is Better?

Weed and feed formulas come in both liquid form as well as granular form. Although both products work effectively, they do have different properties that set them apart. A certain type is better for some scenarios compared to others.

Liquid weed and feed

Liquid weed and feed can be applied using spray bottles or a backpack sprayer. This formula needs to be diluted with water before it can be administered. For large areas, gardeners prefer the backpack, whereas a spray bottle is better suited for smaller patches.

A liquid weed and feed comes in handy when you want to spot-treat some areas of your lawn. Moreover, you don’t need to have already watered your lawn before applying a quick-result liquid weed and feed.

Granular weed and feed

As opposed to liquid weed and feed, the granular formula is better for larger areas (big lawns and huge patches of grass). The lawn, however, needs to be watered before you can administer granular weed and feed.

A drop spreader is generally used for granular weed and feed as it provides consistent results by scattering the formula evenly. Granular weed and feed is easy to apply and is more budget-friendly.

Granular weed and feed does not act fast like liquid formulas. These are slow-release products that do not need to be applied periodically or as often.

What Is Organic Weed and Feed

You should know that there happens to be two types of weed and feed:

  • Organic
  • Synthetic

Organic Weed and feed is quite difficult to find and might not give as quick results as compared to synthetic weed and feed. An organic formula is mainly based on corn gluten meal. Therefore this formula is not dangerous to come into contact with after administration.

Best Family and Pet Safe Weed and Feed

Many garden owners are constantly worried about the chemicals they are applying. Since these are being administered on garden or yard soil, concerns for pet and human safety arise.

The best weed and feed manufacturers have come up with non-toxic products to tackle this problem. It is always a smart idea to thoroughly read and follow all instructions that come with your product.

Most manufacturers strongly advise that pets and children be kept away from treated soil, especially for the first 24 hours. By doing this, safety hazards are prevented and consumption of toxic substances is avoided.

Weed and feed formulas usually stain clothes, shoes, and even animal fur. It is best to avoid contact, especially when the soil is wet.

How To Apply Weed and Feed to Lawn Soil

Even the best weed and feed formula will fail to work if you do not apply it correctly. Each weed and feed variety comes with its own set of instructions that must be followed to administer the formula successfully. Moreover, following instructions will also keep you safe and will produce credible results.

Most formulas should be applied using the following basic steps:

  1. Make sure to water your grass and mow it down to a suitable length at least two days prior to weed and feed administration. By doing so, you can ensure that all granules and product gets spread across evenly.
  2. Freezing temperatures are not suitable for weed and feed application. This is because your lawn will be vulnerable at such extremes. It is best to pick a day where the temperature is warmer, but the heat should not be scorching. Therefore, make sure the temperature is under 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Avoid application of weed and feed formula after it has rained. Although weed and feed formulas do require the lawn to be wet, it should definitely not be drenched in water.
  4. When applying granular weed and feed, make sure to use a rotary spreader or drop spreader to administer the product. Read the instruction manual carefully before doing this, and make sure to go back and forth so all places are covered evenly.
  5. When using a liquid weed and feed, you can either go for a spray bottle or backpack sprayer. It also depends on the area you need to cover. For full spread, make sure to follow instructions and a suitable application pattern.
  6. Many weed and feed formulas need to be applied more than once or periodically. To do such a process safely and, of course, effectively, it is a must to read and strictly follow usage instructions. Failure to follow proper usage instructions may lead to a scorched lawn and dead grass.

When to Water After Applying Weed and Feed

Make sure to water your grass and mow your lawn at least 2 days prior to the application day. For granular weed and feed, you will actually need a lawn that is moist.

Most products require the user to stop watering at least a day before application, while others will only start working after you water the lawn or after heavy rainfall.

Be sure to follow the instructions you have printed on your product or user manual for watering specifications.

Final thoughts

We sincerely hope that this article helped you get a proper insight into weed and feed products. If you follow all topics discussed, you will easily be able to pick a suitable product and apply it correctly. Moreover, you will actually end up achieving a greener and more luscious lawn.

As for products, we tried our best to provide you with a list of the best weed and feed formulas. Our list has all kinds of weed and feed products whether you are looking for granular weed and feed, liquid weed and feed, or organic weed and feed.

We are pretty sure we have you all convinced about investing in a good weed and feed product by now for healthy lawns. Just make sure to get the right amount of product for your lawn area before application. Good luck and happy gardening!


Does weed and feed really work?

The short answer is yes, weed and feed products do actually work. The long answer is, it all depends on picking the right product, following instructions, and being vigilant. You must be aware of what kind of weed and feed you really want to opt for. You can pick between synthetic or organic formulas.
Furthermore, you can narrow it down to granular weed and feed or liquid weed and feed depending on your garden area. Once you have selected your desired product, it is a must to follow usage instructions for best results. Make sure to also have enough product at hand and prepare your lawn before administration.
Once applied properly, your weed and feed formula will effectively work as both a fertilizer for soil and herbicide for weeds.

Why weed and feed is good?

Generally, all weed and feed products are actually a 2 in 1 formula. They are part fertilizers and part herbicides or weed killers. A good weed and feed will work like a charm to kill off existing weeds. Some even inhibit new weed growth.
Furthermore, the fertilizer will enable the grassroots to become stronger and be able to properly absorb the nutrients that are being provided. This, in turn, will make your lawn or turf even greener, luscious, and beautiful.

Should I use weed and feed or just fertilizer?

A weed and feed formula is a mixture of fertilizer and herbicides that kill off weeds. So, if you have a lawn or grass that does not have any pest plants, then applying only fertilizer to promote grass growth should be enough.
However, if you have grass that is not doing so well due to tons of weed growth, then you certainly need to administer a weed and feed formula. This will not only kill off weeds, it will also inhibit further growth of pest plants. Simultaneously, it will also nourish the grass and make it thicker and stronger.

How long do you need to stay off grass after weed and feed?

Most products will instruct you to stay off treated grass or lawns for at least about a day. Some others may also discourage direct contact for at least 2 to 3 days. Make sure to keep both pets and children away from treated grass during this time.
After this time period is over, water your lawn well before coming into direct contact with the grass or soil. For organic formulas, none of this will be required as its completely non-toxic.

Should I water after Scotts Weed and Feed?

Before applying any weed and feed products, make sure you water your grass and mow it at least two days prior to administration. The Scotts Weed and Feed formulas must not be watered down before 24 hours pass by after application.
Similar to rain, watering your lawn too early will wash away any of the products you have applied, no matter what Scott series they belong to. If the product is washed away, weeds will not die off effectively. Failure to follow proper instructions can also damage your grass badly.

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