Best Electric Zero Turn Mower Review and Buying Guide (2022)


An electric zero turn mower is a handy piece of equipment to invest in if you need to maintain a large lawn or garden. It is perfect for home use and commercial grassy areas.

If you are someone that is looking forward to investing in one of the latest electric zero turn mowers, you are at the right place.

In this guide, we will look at the top electric zero turn mowers available in the market so you can decide which one will work best for you.

We will also be discussing the positives and negatives of using electric zero turn mowers. We have also reviewed the top 4 best electric zero turn mowers you should know about.

We have found that amongst both electric and gas lawn mowers, the best ones are those that are eco-friendly. Such equipment not only produces zero waste gases like carbon, but they are also cleaner and less noisy.

In this guide, you will find info on the following topics:

  • What Are Electric Zero Turn Mowers?
  • Purchasing a Battery Powered Zero Turn Mower
  • Maintenance of Battery-Powered Zero Turn Mowers
  • Used Electric Zero Turn Mowers
  • Best Products for Electric Zero Turn Mowers
  • Best Electric Zero Turn Mower Conclusion
  • Electric Zero-Turn Mower FAQs
  • Final Thoughts

So, let’s begin!


  • Great for large lawns
  • Easy start-up
  • Sturdy constrution
  • Sturdy construction
  • Well-designed
  • Simple operation for convenience
  • Features a sharp blade
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable construction

What Are Electric Zero Turn Mowers?

An electric zero turn mower is a piece of equipment that is designed to make lawn maintenance more manageable. It helps mow grass efficiently and effectively.

You can easily control the mower through levers once you get the hang of it. This is precisely what makes it different from regular lawnmowers.

Lawn tractors also do not provide the multitude of options that electric zero turn mowers have. Electric mowers have various speed options and can be maneuvered in more than one way.

Hence, they are capable of mowing parts of your lawn that would otherwise be out of reach. They can also make a complete 360 degree turn when needed. It is all about getting to experience enhanced convenience when using such mowers to care for your lawn.

Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers Review

You will need the best equipment for all your lawn mowing needs which are easy to maintain and operate if you have a large-sized lawn or garden.

As promised earlier, below is a list of some of the best electric zero turn mowers available in the market.

All of the items have been picked based upon the width of the cutting deck, mowing capacity, and other unique features. So, let’s get straight into it!

1. Husqvarna MZ61 Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower – Top Pick

[lasso ref=”husqvarna-mz61-61-in-24-hp-kawasaki-hydrostatic-zero-turn-riding-mower” id=”4646″ link_id=”4922″]

Meanwhile, the steel cutting deck has a 61-inch cut is created out of 11-gauge metal. The deck lifting function and seat adjustment controls are added features for user comfort.

Item Weight: 770 pounds

Color: Black and orange

Cutting Width: 61 inches

Battery Voltage: 12.6 volts

This zero turn mower also comes with its bag collection accessory. It is a 9-bushel, triple bag. A mulching kit and bagger can also be purchased separately. The cushioned seats with padded armrests, grips, and vibration dampeners also make it very convenient for the driver to use this equipment.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Well-designed
  • Simple operation for convenience

2. Craftsman Hydrostatic Gas Zero Turn Mower – Best Pick For Dual Cylinder Mower

[lasso ref=”craftsman-17arfacq091-50-inch-hydrostatic-gas-zero-turn-mower-with-24hp-kohler-twin-cylinder-engine-liberty-red” id=”4647″ link_id=”4923″]

It is also easy to change direction and positioning. Plus, a high back seat and twin hydrostatic transmission have been incorporated for maximum comfort.

Item Weight: 656 pounds

Color: Black and red

Cutting Width: 46 inches

Battery Voltage: 28 volts

The body of the mower is robust and sturdy. It will last for an extended period and can withstand harsh conditions. Additionally, you can easily adjust the cutting height to your preference. The grass cutting height for this equipment goes from 3.75 inches to as low as 1.25 inches.


  • Great for large lawns
  • Easy start-up
  • Sturdy constrution

3. Husqvarna Z254F Kohler Engine – Best 54-Inch Zero Turn Mower

[lasso ref=”husqvarna-z254f-26hp-747cc-kohler-engine-54-z-turn-mower-967844901″ id=”4648″ link_id=”4924″]

The electric clutch embedded into the equipment is used to control the deck at any time easily. This zero turn mower promises perfect grass cutting with ease and efficiency.

Item Weight: 770 pounds

Color: Black and red

Cutting Width: 54 inches

Battery Voltage: 12 volts

It is a piece of bulky equipment that you can use for more extensive lawns or yards. It is easy to maneuver and has a great seat design that is practical and comfortable. The FAB-3 blade of the mower deck is nice and sharp too.


  • Features a sharp blade
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable construction

4. Ariens IKON XD (Kawasaki) Zero Turn Mower – Best Mowing Efficiency

[lasso ref=”ariens-ikon-xd-52-inch-23-hp-kawasaki-zero-turn-mower-915267″ id=”4649″ link_id=”4925″]

The 4-inch fabricated deck has been designed to maximize airflow and increase mowing efficiency.

Item Weight: 252 pounds

Color: Black and orange

Cutting Width: 52 inches

Battery Voltage: 12 volts

The mower has a whopping 13 cutting positions. You can use a dial to adjust these cutting heights between 1.5 and 4.5 inches. When you look at all of the features it has to offer, you can understand why it ended up on our list.


  • Mows nicely
  • Solid structure
  • Has increased airflow

Best Zero Turn Batteries Review

Here are our top 3 picks of the best zero turn batteries you should know about!

1. Casil 12v 33ah Replacement Battery – Most Versatile

[lasso ref=”casil-12v-33ah-replacement-battery-compatible-with-cub-cadet-lawn-tractor-battery-320-ccas-u1-35-for-lt1040-lt1042-lt1045-lt1046-lt1050-slt1550-slt1554″ id=”4650″ link_id=”4926″]

It can also be used as a replacement battery for other equipment. Furthermore, it is designed to charge using U.S. outlets, so be sure to check your specifications if you are outside the U.S.

Item Weight: 23.5 pounds

Color: Black

Battery Voltage: 12 volts

The battery is rechargeable and also maintenance-free, whereas the casing has been designed to prevent leakage. Plus, it comes charged for immediate first-time use.


  • Very versatile
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable casing

2. Mighty Max Battery ML-U1 200CCA Battery – Best Battery Life

[lasso ref=”ml-u1-200cca-battery-for-toro-time-cutter-ss5000-zero-turn-lawn-mower” id=”4651″ link_id=”4927″]

Item Weight: 12.89 pounds

Color: Black

Battery Voltage: 12 volts

Plate compression, low resistance, and enhanced deep cycling are additional handy features in this mower. These boost battery life and make mower ignition smooth and effective.


  • Durable construction
  • Offers long battery life

3. 12V 15Ah Champion Generator Rechargeable Battery – Best AGM Battery

[lasso ref=”12v-15ah-champion-generator-9000-7000-rechargeable-battery” id=”4652″ link_id=”4928″]

Plus, the gas recombination feature reuses 90% of the gas generated.

Item Weight: 12.5 pounds

Color: Black

Battery Voltage: 12 volts

The battery does not require any maintenance and is long-lasting. It is robust, durable, and powerful as well.


  • Solid battery construction
  • Powerful performance
  • Reuses 90% of gas generated

Best Electric Zero Turn Mower Review Conclusion

Now that we have concluded our list, you will be able to decide on the lawnmower you prefer by assessing its features.

If you ask us, the Husqvarna models are the best and are most efficient at what they do. These electric zero turn mowers deliver what they promise and are pretty powerful.

The seating is comfortable as well, and the maneuverability is seamless. You can also pick between a regular and bulkier model depending on how large your garden, lawn, or yard is. The cutting deck is adjustable, and the mowing time is short and bearable.

Whenever you decide to invest in a lawnmower, you should always keep a couple of things in mind. Battery and engine power are the most important things to consider as these will further decide how much lawn you will be able to mow in one session.

This is important for more extensive lawns and gardens that measure a few acres. Secondly, make sure the equipment has comfortable and adjustable seats as you will be sitting inside the electric zero turn mower for quite some time. The seating should not leave you sore or aching. Also look out for additional features like user-friendly interface, extra settings and adjustability of cutting height.

zero turn mower

Gas Vs. Electric

Zero turn mowers are available in a variety of models. The main thing that sets them apart is the power source they run on. This can be either gas or electricity.

As the name states, gas zero turn mowers simply run on gasoline, whereas electricity-powered mowers are battery-operated.

Let us look more closely at the two types below!

Gas-Powered Zero Turn Mower

Initial zero turn mower models were gas-powered and could be driven by filling up the tank with gasoline. You can still purchase gas-powered models if you want to.

They usually have an engine with 4 strokes. Gas-powered mowers require servicing and maintenance every now and then, which is a pretty big drawback if you are not up for the task.

Zero turn mowers powered by gas also have bulkier engines and need to be refueled often when in use.

Moreover, based on constantly fluctuating gasoline prices, the tool may end up putting a load on your pocket. They also emit more waste gases and fumes and can be pretty noisy in comparison to electric zero turn mowers.

Overall, gas zero turn mowers are best suited for commercial use due to their greater fuel tank capacity.

Electric Battery-Powered Zero Turn Mower

You have probably guessed why we prefer electric zero turn mowers by now. Electric mowers are battery-operated equipment that the user can recharge each time the battery runs out.

These mowers are equipped with lead-acid AGM/FLA batteries that are used to power the motor. Certain models also happen to use lithium-ion cells as a battery source.

Another plus point is that electric zero turn mowers are eco-friendly and help prevent damage to the environment. They produce little waste, are less noisy, and work just as efficiently (if not better) as their gas-powered counterparts.

Advantages of Electric Zero Turn Mowers

If you’re still not sure about electric zero turn mowers; let us take a look at a list of advantages you can benefit from by investing and using this fantastic garden equipment!

  • No gas emissions.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Engine that requires low maintenance.
  • No need to replace engine oil, fuel filters, spark plugs and drive belts.
  • Much easier on the ears due to less noise.

So, you can see that a mower that tends to be electric has a lot to offer users to help keep their lawns taken care of in a convenient manner.

Advantages of Electric Zero Turn Mowers

Purchasing a Battery Powered Zero Turn Mower

If these advantages convinced you to consider investing in anelectric zero turn mower, keep reading for more info. You need to know more about the mower’s overall functionality and various components before you start picking out the best model for yourself.

In this section, we will cover all aspects of the functionality of electric mowers. We will also look at how using these can make your life so much easier.

Motor Power and Batteries

This is probably the most crucial feature you need to consider before buying an electric zero turn mower.After a single charge, you need to determine how much power the motor will use and how long your battery can run.

Motor Power

Brushless motors embedded into electric zero turn mowersare the best kind. Such motors require little to no maintenance, are lightweight, and can be run on various speed settings.

Maximum Speed

The speed at which you can run your electric or gas zero turn mowers depends on how much you push down on the steering levers.

The highest speed a gas or electricity mower can reach is between 7 and 8 miles every hour. This holds true for most models and is almost double the rate for regular lawn tractors and mowers.

Battery Power, Charging

The larger the equipment, the larger its battery will be. Hence, it will require significantly more power compared to a smaller model.

Additionally, electric zero turn mowers are rechargeable, and you can connect them to a 120-volt outlet via a charger. The charging time will differ based on the weight and size of different models.

The rechargeable batteries in electric mowers can either be lithium-ion cells or lead-acid batteries. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Lithium-Ion battery
  • Expensive batteries.
  • Usually outlast mowers.
  • 85% of power is discharged after one use. However, this does not reduce the battery’s power storage capacity.
Lead-Acid Battery
  • Less expensive compared to lithium-ion cells.
  • Need to be replaced often.
  • Discharge even when not being used for power. However, you can solve this issue by charging before use.

Battery Run Time

Battery run time is usually measured in amp-hours. Generally, the range of electric zero turn mowersis between 75 Ah and 100 Ah.

75 amperes of energy will enable the mower to run for at least an hour. If you want your mower to do more work in one go, you might want to invest in one with a more powerful battery power length.

75 Ah will cover 2 acres of land, while 100 Ah will cover more. This is usually about an acre or two more.

However, this output is not consistent and depends on other factors such as machine weight, environmental conditions and maneuvering skills.

Many electric zero turn mowermodels come with a display and control panel. This calculates and shows how long you have used the mower for. This function is excellent for tracking required battery replacements and charging levels.

Cutting Deck

The blade area can deduce the cutting deck design of an electric zero turn mower. Analyzing this region of your mower will help you understand the alignment of your blades and their total count. This varies from machine to machine.

Deck Width & Height

The amount of space your mower’s deck will use when trimming down grass entirely depends upon the width. A more expansive deck will chop off larger chunks of grass, while smaller decks will do the opposite. The narrower decks are great for complicated, small patches.

The height of the deck defines how short your grass will be once you mow over it. Most models allow you to adjust deck height according to preference. You can usually choose to trim your grass to any size between 1 and 6 inches.

Stamped Vs. Fabricated Deck

Mower decks can usually be divided into two types. These are stamped decks and fabricated decks.

A stamped deck is cheaper to produce compared to fabricated decks. These are perfect for use on expansive and open lawns that do not have any hurdles.

Stamped decks are made from one steel plate modified to be the outer shell of the blade. Moreover, the metal sheet used in stamped decks is significantly thinner than those used in fabricated decks. Most sheets only measure 1/16th of an inch.

Unlike stamped decks, fabricated decks are designed using more than one steel sheet. These are welded together to produce a thicker sheet of about 1/8th of an inch.

Therefore, they are also known as welded decks and are much stronger than stamped ones. Such decks are used in mowers explicitly designed for heavy-duty purposes or rugged landscapes.


Transmission power needs to be taken into account as this helps control the torque, allowing the mower to withstand hurdles. This power measures the amount of energy channeled to the wheels via the engine to regulate overall speed.


Electric zero turn mowersusually have two steering levels built into their design. These are used to channel direction while mowing.

You will have to move one lever towards the front while pulling the other backward to make a spin. Both levers pulled backward will move the lawnmower in the opposite direction and vice versa.

Comfort & Controls

Comfort and security should always be the top priority when buying new equipment. The same applies to electric zero turn mowers. A comfortable seat that will not injure or cause discomfort is a must.

You may have to sit on your mower for quite some time, so you can not ignore this feature. Also, proper controls will make the operation smoother and more straightforward.


A seat that the user can adjust is a solid feature to look out for. Such a seat will allow you to make adjustments according to your height and preference.

It is also a great idea to invest in an electric mower with cushioned seats, armrests, and backrests.

Display & Controls

Some models of electric zero turn mowers have their own high quality control panels. These enable the user to turn on device blades and transition between speed settings quickly.

The control display may also indicate the amount of battery left and battery run time. Some models have digital displays, while others have classic analogs.


The back tires uphold the heaviness of the engine and mower. The tires in the front help minimize friction when sharp turns are made.

This is only possible if the front wheels have a smooth tire texture. The best tires for moist grass and rugged landscapes are ones that have deep treads.

Safety Features

Electric zero turn mowersare bulky equipment and can cause serious injury if the driver is inexperienced or safety measures are skipped over. Below are some of the things you should be aware of:

  • Most electric mower models have emergency brakes. These are meant to abruptly stop the machine from running when you face an obstacle or technical problems.
  • Some models have an auto switch-off function that works as an emergency brake. This feature shuts the mower down completely to prevent it from running independently or without a driver.
  • Some people might want to mow at night. Due to this, many models have LED headlights to ease the process.
  • Always wear the seat belt attached to the driver’s seat to prevent injury.

Maintenance of Battery Powered Zero Turn Mowers

An electric zero turn mower will last longer if you make sure to keep charging your battery each time it runs low. A balanced voltage will prevent damage to the battery. The said damage is usually a result of inconsistent outlet voltage.

The battery should always be charged in a shaded area at an average temperature. It should never be left in extreme temperature conditions, whether too hot or freezing. Colder temperatures cause the battery to run out faster, and warmth can lead to an explosion.

The battery may also end up damaged instead and can cause serious injury. Replace a dead battery as soon as possible.

Make sure to clean and maintain the cutting deck of your lawnmower. Be sure to remove all kinds of debris, including grass and soil particles. Leaving it in can cause the moisture to gradually cause corrosion or rusting.

It is also recommended to sharpen your mower blades so that they stay efficient. This will make grass-cutting sessions more concise and straightforward. Running your mower with uneven blades can also ruin it in the long run.

Always cover your lawnmower and store it in a clean and dry place away from sunlight, rain, and snow.

Used Electric Zero Turn Mowers

Maintenance of a used electric zero turn moweris essential. This should be done by following the instruction manual that came with the equipment.

Always check your lawnmower for faulty parts, and make sure to replace these and fix them before using the equipment. Never ignore low battery messages or deck overload signals for a smooth and safe operation.

These are usually displayed on the LED screen and are vital for keeping track of maintenance needs.

A well-maintained electric zero turn mower will ensure that you are able to tend to your lawn the way you want to while remaining safe during the mowing process.


Final Thoughts

We hope you found this article both helpful and informative. If you are looking forward to investing in a zero turn mower, we highly recommend going for an electric one. It will have a rechargeable battery that is durable, long-lasting, and efficient. When it fails to work, you will easily be able to replace it with a new one that is just as powerful and super compatible.

We wish you the best of luck in picking out the best electric zero turn mower for your lawn care routine!

Happy gardening!


How Long Do Electric Zero Turns Last?

Electric zero turn mowers last longer than gas mowers. They have rechargeable batteries that you can charge for each use. Moreover, if your battery stops functioning or fails to work, you can go ahead and get a new one.
Easy battery replacements further increase the longevity of electric mowers. It has been estimated that an electric zero turn mower lasts at least 10 years longer compared to any regular mower.
Electric zero turn mowers are the best kind to invest in today’s market. You will find the equipment a great buy due to its durability, effectiveness, and longevity. Control displays and other new features further help these mowers stand out.

What Is The Most Dependable Zero Turn Mower?

The best zero turn mower is an electric one. Their battery is not only replaceable but also rechargeable. Moreover, as electric mowers are more recent, they have more contemporary features than other conventional models.
A great electric mower is one with a good cutting deck, starts up perfectly, is easy to maneuver, and has a display for controls and safety. This display can either be digital or analog.
The seating should also be super comfortable so that the driver is not left sore or in pain after a mowing session. The best brand that offers all of these features is Husqvarna.
Not only do they have powerful engines, but they also have all of the features mentioned above.

Why Is It Called a Zero Turn Mower?

Zero turn mowers are named as such due to their excellent maneuverability. The term ‘zero turn’ refers to the turning radius. In a zero turn mower, the turning radius is zero inches.
This means that the mower can make a 360-degree turn on the exact spot it is signaled to do so. Great speed and intricate maneuverability make these the best mowers around.

Can Zero Turn Pull Aerator?

Yes, a zero turn mower can pull aerators. You may want to do some research on whether your mower is strong enough to remove the aerator in question. However, it is best not to do this as this may damage your mower in the long run.
Anything tugging behind at your mower will reduce its efficiency, speed, and maneuverability. If not compatible, they might end up in a collision.
Furthermore, you will also not be able to maneuver in many directions and mow simultaneously. Potential damage to your mower is definitely not worth the risk.
We recommend using both pieces of equipment separately even though it is possible to use them together. To prevent permanent damage, at least look at a few tutorials before going for the towing method. Also, use this trick only once or twice and make sure you do not make this a regular thing.

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