Top 5 Grass Seed for Sandy Soil in 2022

When it comes to getting the best growth for lawns and other plantings, the type and quality of the soil become key. Because certain plants thrive in different conditions, it is important for a gardener to determine the best products for their particular soil.

So, what about sandy soil? Not every gardener lives in a place with verdant pastures—so surely there have to be grasses that grow best in sandy areas.

Luckily, several types of grasses will thrive in sandy soil conditions and give you a lush, luxurious lawn! These species have been specially cultivated to withstand the harsher conditions of sandy, drought-prone areas, and still feel fantastic underfoot.


  • Great lawn coverage for the price
  • Resistant to disease and insects
  • Swift results that show within 2 weeks
  • Great coverage for the price
  • Low-maintenance lawn
  • Weed-free mixture
  • Superior lawn coverage for the price
  • Fast results within 2 weeks
  • Weather-resistant for summer storms

Types of Grass Seed For Sandy Soil

The top grass seeds for any gardener dealing with sandy soil include five of the hardiest and drought-tolerant species of turfgrass out there. These are:

  • Bahia Grass.
  • Bermuda Grass.
  • Centipede Grass.
  • Fescue Grass.
  • Zoysia Grass.

It’s important to get familiar with these grass types if you live in an area with particularly arid or sandy soil conditions—they are the top five species that will help you get a green yard!

best grass seed for sandy soil

Best Grass Seed For Sandy Soil: Top Product Picks

So, you have a sandy soil terrain to deal with in your yard and garden. And you want to have a lovely lawn. Thankfully, the two are not mutually exclusive!

Even if you haven’t had any success in improving the quality of your available soil, there are specially cultivated turfgrasses that thrive perfectly well in hot and arid conditions. No need to rely on scrub grass or weeds to give you lawn cover.

By using the correct grass seed types for your soil conditions, you too can achieve a hardy turf that can withstand drought and foot traffic. And, most importantly, can also overcome the poor access to nutrients that comes with sandy soil.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best grass seed selections and products for your sandy soil and get you one step closer to a verdant lawn.

1. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Pensacola Bahiagrass — Best Overall

[lasso amazon_url=”″ id=”2766″ ref=”scotts-turf-builder-grass-seed-pensacola-bahiagrass” link_id=”2569″]

Style: Ready to spread, coated grass seeds

Application: Broadcast spreader, drop spreader, or hand-powered spreader

Size: 5 pounds

Treatment Area: 1,000 sq. feet

For any gardener with sandy soil conditions to contend with, this is a great seed option. Scotts specially formulated Turf Builder Grass Seed contains double-coated Pensacola Bahia grass seeds that will absorb two times any water available, perfect for arid soil.

With deep roots that establish themselves quickly, you should see a difference in your lawn within 5 to 7 days, including a coarse blade texture, high green, and low maintenance needs. In addition, this product uses a 99.9% weed-free mixture to prevent unwanted growth.

This grass is perfect for sandy, arid, and water-challenged conditions, with natural heat and drought resistance. A lawn planted with this Pensacola Bahia grass seed will stay greener for longer, even when the height of summer has passed.


  • Great coverage for the price
  • Low-maintenance lawn
  • Double-coated individual seeds for twice the water absorption
  • Excellent resistance to drought, heat, and foot traffic
  • Specially designed for full sun
  • Weed-free mixture


  • Best for Southern lawns
  • Requires a heavy watering routine for germination

2. Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Supreme Grass Seed Blend — Runner Up

[lasso amazon_url=”″ id=”2767″ ref=”jonathan-green-10322-black-beauty-ultra-grass-seed-mix-7-pounds” link_id=”2570″]

Style: Ready to spread grass seed blend

Application: Broadcast spreader, drop spreader, or hand-powered spreader

Size: 7 pounds

Treatment Area: 2,800 sq. feet

If you are looking for a yard with diverse, hardy, and incredibly green grass, Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty Ultra Supreme Grass Seed Blend might be the product for you.

With a range of grass seed varieties in each application, you can quickly propagate several drought-resistant and heat-tolerant turfgrasses across your yard. These include tall fescues, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass for the best coverage possible.

This product boasts a genetically superior grass seed formula that encourages roots to grow up to 4 feet deep, and plants that flourish in either full sun or partial shade conditions.

And because of a natural waxy coating on the grass blades, these plants require low maintenance, ward off diseases, and even resist insects and pests. Rest easy knowing your grass blend preserves collected moisture for later drought usage.


  • Great lawn coverage for the price
  • A blend of drought-tolerant, hardy turfgrasses
  • Resistant to disease and insects
  • Swift results that show within 2 weeks
  • Deep root growth for a secure hold on the sod


  • Can grow patchily in some yards
  • A variety mixture of grass seeds can be ryegrass-heavy
  • Not formulated to be weed-free

3. Jonathan Green Black Beauty Original Supreme Grass Seed Blend — Best For a Variety of Conditions

[lasso amazon_url=”″ id=”2768″ ref=”jonathan-green-10315-black-beauty-grass-seed-mix-25-pound” link_id=”2571″]

Style: Ready to spread grass seed blend

Application: Broadcast spreader, drop spreader, or hand-powered spreader

Size: 25.2 pounds

Treatment Area: 7,500 sq. feet

With the most drought-tolerant formula offered, Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty Grass Seed Mix is ideal for a variety of lawn conditions, including arid locations with sandy soil or humid, clay-based yards.

You can even grow this grass blend successfully in a range of exposures, depending on your location and the layout of your yard. This includes full sun, partial sun, and partial shade conditions.

Additionally, this grass seed mixture contains 50% tall fescue, 25% “tombstone” tall fescue, and 25% “taos” tall fescue for a full coverage lawn application. Fescues are perennial grasses that you can rely on for repeated seasonal growth.

This formula is dedicated for fast germination and deep root growth of up to 4 feet to securely anchor the turfgrass into your yard, no matter the quality of the soil. With Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty mix, your grass will be green in no time at all.


  • Superior lawn coverage for the price
  • Fast results within 2 weeks
  • Deep root propagation for a comprehensive hold
  • Weather-resistant for summer storms


  • Best when paired with the use of a preemergent
  • Especially arid yards may need to be scarified before application

4. Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair Sun and Shade For Grass

[lasso amazon_url=”″ id=”2769″ ref=”scotts-ez-patch-repair-sun-and-shade-10-lb-combination-mulch-seed-fertilizer-reduces-wash-away-seeds-up-to-225-sq-ft-10-lb-sun-shade” link_id=”2572″]

Style: Ready to spread, treated grass seed mix combination

Application: Broadcast spreader, drop spreader, or hand-powered spreader

Size: 10 pounds

Treatment Area: 225 sq. feet

If you are looking for a grass seed that will take hold and flourish in just about any condition, this could be the perfect product for you.

With Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair formula, one application not only gives you good grass seed coverage, but also includes a built-in mulcher, fertilizer, tackifier, and protectant to ensure your lawn gets the best protection and nutrition.

This all-in-one slow-release formula reduces the chance of seeds washing away too, by watering or by storms, and grows anywhere on your lawn—as long as you care for it!

Watch for your green and gorgeous results within 21 days or so from planting and proper watering, as the mulch and fertilizer do their jobs to create healthy turfgrass.

The mulching formula guarantees water absorption up to six times better than competitors. And by dispelling harmful plant diseases that like to attack new growths, you can trust Scotts’ protectant to keep your yard germination happy and healthy.


  • Grow-anywhere guarantee
  • Reduced seed wash
  • Multi-leveled formula that ensures a firm hold in the soil and fertilization
  • Able to plant on sloped and high traffic surfaces
  • Useable in full sun or full shade, or a combination of the two


  • Small coverage area for the price
  • Requires prep work before application to remove dead grass and loosen the soil

5. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Tall Fescue Mix

[lasso amazon_url=”″ id=”2770″ ref=”scotts-turf-builder-grass-seed-tall-fescue-mix-7-lb-full-sun-and-partial-shade-resists-heat-and-drought-insects-disease-and-helps-crowd-out-weeds-seeds-up-to-1750-sq-ft” link_id=”2573″]

Style: Ready to spread, coated grass seed mix

Application: Broadcast spreader, drop spreader, or hand-powered spreader

Size: 7 pounds

Treatment Area: 1,750 sq. feet

Rest easy knowing that this hardy and resistant grass is growing green across your yard. With natural resistance to drought, insects, and disease, tall fescue resists seed wash and becomes a dense turfgrass that reduces the ability of weeds to take root.

With Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Tall Fescue Mix, watch for seedlings to emerge within 14 days, and then continue growing until your entire yard is swathed with this medium-coarse, bladed grass.

Formulated for supreme durability and maximized water retention, your lawn will be resilient to foot traffic, heat, and all types of exposure. This also makes it the perfect mix for a variety of soil conditions, such as sand or clay.


  • Good coverage for the price
  • Insect and drought resistant
  • Able to grow in full sun or partial shade
  • Formulated for transition zone lawns


  • Needs frequent watering for germination
  • Not resistant to extreme weather

6. Scotts PatchMaster Lawn Repair Mix Sun & Shade Mix

[lasso amazon_url=”″ id=”2771″ ref=”scotts-patchmaster-lawn-repair-mix-sun-and-shade-mix-10-lb-all-in-one-bare-spot-repair-feeds-for-up-to-6-weeks-fast-growth-and-thick-results-covers-up-to-290-sq-ft” link_id=”2574″]

Style: Ready to spread, treated grass seed combination

Application: Broadcast spreader, drop spreader, or hand-powered spreader

Size: 10 pounds

Treatment Area: 290 sq. feet

Easy to use and formulated as an all-in-one lawn coverage planter, Scotts PatchMaster Mix is great for sun or shade, as well as a variety of soil conditions.

This mix is ideal for sandy soil, as the built-in fertilizer and mulch components heighten the nutrient availability and water retention of the available soil for better grass propagation and growth.

Let your grass seeds nestle safely into the soil and grow quickly and thickly, thanks to the addition of nitrogen supplements that act as slow releases over 6 weeks from the time of planting.


  • Combination mix with multi-level mulch and feed
  • Controlled release nitrogen plant supplements
  • A mixture of premium perennial grass types


  • Some customers have experienced poor growth for new seedings
  • Small coverage area for the price

7. Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass

[lasso amazon_url=”″ id=”2772″ ref=”scotts-turf-builder-starter-food-for-new-grass-15-lb-lawn-fertilizer-for-newly-planted-grass-also-great-for-sod-and-grass-plugs-covers-5000-sq-ft” link_id=”2575″]

Style: Ready to apply fertilizer

Application: Broadcast spreader, drop spreader, or hand-powered spreader

Size: 15 pounds

Treatment Area: 5,000 sq. feet

Promote better blade and root development by targeting your grass nutrients with the application of a specially formulated fertilizer. Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food is made for newly planted grass and works to promote optimal growth.

Perfect for grasses of any type, whether you are seeding a new lawn or promoting growth in particular areas, apply this fertilizer and watch everything turn green and luxurious.


  • Safe for any grass type
  • Delivers optimized nutrients directly to the plants
  • Fast and visible results


  • Not formulated to be weed-free
  • Overuse can lead to lawn burns

How Do You Grow Bermuda Grass In Sand?

Bermuda grass is known for being a hardy—if not downright stubborn—type of turfgrass, even to the point of some gardeners classing it as a weed. But this also means that it grows excellently in adverse conditions, including sandy soil.

The best way to grow Bermuda grass in sandy conditions is to first prepare the soil for seeding. Kill off any weeds present with a herbicide and balance the soil with a layer of fertilizer that will help with pH levels in the soil.

After planting the grass, ensure the soil has enough drainage to avoid it becoming soggy. This can reduce the efficacy of Bermuda grass’s complex root system, which will prevent it from anchoring successfully and well.

Additionally, providing a high amount of nitrogen to your Bermuda grass will help it flourish in the sand. Monthly nitrogen fertilization is often recommended over the entire summer, whereas relying on a potassium-based fertilizer is key during the winter.

Buyer Considerations: The Best Grass Seed For Sandy Soils

When picking the best grass seed for sandy soil conditions, your options are somewhat limited to the types that will thrive there. However, you still need to consider some aspects of the space itself when determining what grass seed is best to plant.

Sandy Soils grass consideration

Yard Size

This should be one of your first questions—how big is your space? It’s an important consideration for lawn coverage, the time you will need to seed, and how expensive the amount of product will ultimately be.

If you have a large lawn to fully cover, you might want to opt for a large volume seed mix instead of a patch and seed formula. This will give you a wide treatment area per application, and you can always fill in any sparser areas later on.


While most grass seed mixes for sandy soil are viable for a variety of sun exposure conditions, this is important to ascertain before any planting takes place.

Track your yard’s sun exposure over the course of a day. Note the shady spots and the areas that get baked in sunshine all afternoon. This will help determine the balance of exposure that your grass seeds need to be able to withstand and thrive in.

Final Thoughts

Sandy soil can be a challenge for growing plants, but gardeners can still have success in germinating and propagating a lawn. The key is to plant the correct grass seed for your conditions.

And with several different varieties of turfgrass that will thrive in sandy soils, as well as arid, hot, or full-sun conditions, you can find the perfect grass for your yard.

And because sandy soil grasses tend to be hardy and resistant to a range of damages, your yard will not only flourish with minimal intervention but will continue to be a low-maintenance lawn with lovely, verdant grass.


Now that we have explored some of the options for planting the best grasses for sandy soil, you might still have some questions about grasses and soil conditions in particular.

So, for all the dirt on growing grass in sandy soil conditions, keep on reading!

Can Grass Seed Grow In Sandy Soil?

Grass itself is a surprisingly hardy and virulent substance, able to grow even in what you might consider adverse soil conditions such as sand or clay soils.
The key to growing grass well in sandy soil is choosing the correct type of grass seeds to propagate for the conditions, exposure, and weather.
Most gardeners find that grass is able to grow successfully in sandy soil conditions if you keep it watered routinely. This is especially true if you have paired the grass seed with soil improvements such as fertilizer, mulch, or even a layer of topsoil.

How Do You Prepare Sandy Soil For Seeding?

The best way to get your grass seed to establish roots and germinate in sandy soil is to prepare it first. This includes adding fertilizers or organic material to give your grass seeds a layer of amenable soil to begin their rooting process in, and get the nutrients they need.
Because sandy soil dries out so quickly and doesn’t hold onto nutrients, adding extra materials is essential. These will retain water and allow the grass seeds to access nutrients for longer periods of time.
This process is known as amending the sandy soil, through organic matter or fertilized topsoil.
Add a layer of compost to your sandy soil, including humus, decomposed leaf matter, and grass clippings, to provide a plethora of nutrients for new grass seeds. Additionally, peat or vermiculite are good options for increasing the soil’s water retention.

What Grows Well In Sandy Soil?

Instead of struggling to grow grasses that are genetically amenable to wet or humid conditions, lean into your sandy soil conditions and plant the grass types that thrive in your corner of the world!
Five of the best grasses for growing in sandy soil also happen to be some of the most drought and heat resistant varieties, with natural pest and disease resistance. These grass types include:
Bahia Grass.
Bermuda Grass.
Centipede Grass.
Fescue Grass.
Zoysia Grass.
Because of their long root growths and hardy natures, these grass types are ideal for planting in sandy soil. They are coarse and dense, keeping out weeds and growing highly resistant to foot traffic, as well as full sun exposure during the height of summer.
These grass types also tend to be lower maintenance turfs, content with getting the majority of their nutrients from the soil and preserving any extra water within the plant itself to be used during drier periods.
Plus, once you have successfully planted a lush, green yard and conquered the challenges that your soil conditions present, you can experiment with a variety ofother plants that grow well in sandy soils.

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