How to Get Rid of Grubs: Products and Buyer’s Guide (2022)

While Simone and Pumba love grubs, they’re not exactly something you want in your lawn. But they’re more than just a gross bug hanging around your lawn, they’re also extremely devastating for your lawn’s health.

Left untreated, grubs will multiply and multiply, and it’s only a matter of time before they tear up the lawn and leave dead patches all over the place. But if your lawn has grubs, how do you get rid of them?

Below we’ve highlighted four of the best grub removal products in the industry and walked you through everything you need to know about grub removal. While you might not know much about grubs now, by the time you finish reading you’ll know exactly what you need to do about how to get rid of grubs!


  • Protects your lawn all season long
  • Kills more than just grubs – ticks too!
  • Kills grubs in just 24-hours
  • A great mix of price and performance
  • Kills more grubs than other products
  • Easy to apply
  • Very affordable product
  • Larger coverage area
  • Provides 3 months of protection

How to Get Rid of Grubs: Best Grub Control Products

1. Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer – Top Pick

Top Pick
Scotts GrubEx1 - Grub Killer for Lawns

If you're looking for the best combination of price and performance then this is it. Professional-quality results with a DIYer price. A true win-win.

Coverage Area: 5,000 square feet

Application Method: Granules

If you’re looking for the best grub control product out there, look no further than what Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer has to offer. Scotts makes tons of lawn care products, and if you’re looking for a professional-quality lawn they deliver.

What’s even better is they give you professional-quality results, and you don’t need to break the bank to get them. They’re an outstanding mix of price and performance, and it’s a huge reason they’ve been so successful for so long.

This grub killer gives you up to four months of protection, and it kills more than just grubs. While it certainly specializes in grubs, it works with just about any surface insect, including ants, ticks, and more! It’s extremely easy to apply, but for the best results, we recommend getting a Scotts spreader.

Any spreader should do the trick, but it simply works best when you’re using their equipment.


  • A great mix of price and performance
  • Kills more grubs than other products
  • Provides long-lasting protection – up to four months
  • Also kills other harmful pests and bugs
  • Easy to apply


  • Works best with a Scotts spreader

2. BioAdvanced 700750B 24-Hour Grub Lawns Killer – Premium Choice

Premium Choice
BIOADVANCED 700750B 24-Hour Grub Lawns Killer

The best of the best regardless of the price. Sure, it's more expensive, but it takes care of grubs for the entire season. Spend a little more, apply it once and rest easy until next year!

Coverage Area: 5,000 square feet

Application Method: Granules

If you have a little more money to spend, then BioAdvanced 700750B 24-Hour Grub Lawns Plus Ant, Tick, and Insect Killer is a clear step up. It works better than the Scotts product in two ways. First, it kills almost every grub in just 24-hours.

That’s really not a huge deal though, as long as the grubs are gone within a few days, you won’t see additional damage to your lawn. The real perk that makes it worth the extra money is how effective it is against other surface insects too.

It kills just about any surface insect out there with just as much effectiveness as it does with the grubs. Not only that, but it protects your lawn for the entire season! It works on all lawn types, so all you need to do is spread the granules and enjoy your lawn!

And if you can deal with the upfront sticker shock that’s not a bad deal at all.


  • Protects your lawn all season long
  • Kills more than just grubs – ticks too!
  • Kills grubs in just 24-hours
  • Works on all lawn types


  • More expensive option

3. BioAdvanced 700270B Science-Based Solutions Grub, Ant & Mosquito Killer – Best Value

Best Value
BioAdvanced 700270B Science-Based Solutions Grub Killer for Lawns

If you don't have a ton of cash but do have a grub problem you need to take care of, then this is what you're looking for — outstanding results at an even better price.

Coverage Area: 6,667 square feet

Application Method: Concentrate spray

Not everyone that wants a perfect lawn has a ton of discretionary cash to spend. That’s where a product like BioAdvanced 700270B Science-based Solutions Grub, Ant & Mosquito Killer comes into play. Not only is it available for a great price, but it also covers more area per container!

And what’s nice with this grub killer is that you’re not sacrificing performance for price. Not only does it kill grubs, but it also takes out other surface insects like ants and mosquitos to help protect your lawn.

It’s the only product on our list that’s not a granule, and this can save you a little more money if you don’t already have a spreader. Of course, you’ll still need a spray mixer to apply it, so any potential savings here is likely a wash.

But while many people prefer applying a spray because it’s a bit easier, you also need to consider that it’s a bit more challenging to get consistent results throughout your entire lawn. A spreader sends a precise amount of granules to each portion of your lawn.

With a sprayer though, it’s up to you to spray each area evenly. If you don’t, then some areas might get extra product while others won’t get enough. Moreover, when you’re spraying, it can be challenging to prevent overspray, which can put gardens, flowers, and other sensitive areas at risk.

It’s a great price, but if you’re looking for the best possible results, it’s best to use a spreader and granules.


  • Very affordable product
  • Also kills ticks and other surface insects
  • Larger coverage area
  • Provides 3 months of protection


  • Needs a spray mixer for concentrate
  • Harder to get even results

4. BioAdvanced 700715M Season-Long Grub Control Plus Turf Revitalizer for Lawns – Best Grub Killer and Fertilizer

Best Grub Killer and Fertilizer
BIOADVANCED 700715M Season-Long Grub Control Plus Turf Revitalizer

A rare 2-in-1 product that gets the job done in both areas. It kills grubs and fertilizes your lawn in one go-around, but it's also a bit more expensive upfront.

Coverage Area: 5,000 square feet

Application Method: Granules

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for a little less work to take care of your lawn. With BodAdvanced 700715M Season-Long Grub Control Plus Turf Revitalizer for Lawns, it’s a rare product that does two jobs extremely well.

Not only does it obliterate any grubs trying to make a home under your grass, but it also fertilizes and helps give your grass all the nutrients it needs to thrive throughout the year. It works on all lawn types, and it prevents tons of different surface insects from tearing apart your lawn.

Just keep in mind that while this might have a large application window from spring to late summer, if you’re looking to kill grubs, the best time to apply is early spring.

While you’ll still see maximum fertilization and some grub prevention if you apply later, it’s simply not when the grubs are tearing apart your lawn. You can’t kill what’s not there! And at that point, you’re completely reliant on the preventative benefits for when the grubs come back in the fall.

But the real drawback to this product and what kept it from climbing further up on our list is the price. For a 2-in-1 product that really works you can expect it to cost a little more, and that’s certainly the case here. But if you plan on fertilizing anyways, it’s not a bad deal, and you can do both at once!


  • Kills grubs and fertilizes your lawn all at once
  • Works on all lawn types
  • Prevents many other types of harmful surface insects
  • Large application window – spring to late summer


  • More expensive product

Buyer’s Guide

If you don’t know which product you need after reading the reviews, we’re not completely surprised. That’s why we came up with this comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you understand what you need when you need to use it and how to tell you if you need it in the first place!

It’s everything you need to know to get a grub-free lawn in no time!

Get Rid of Grubs guide

How To Tell if You Need Grub Control

Before you start purchasing grub control products and spraying it all over your lawn, you need to decide if you need grub control in the first place! The good news is that if you know what you’re looking for and do a bit of work, you can get a foolproof assessment of your lawn.

If you notice dead patches of grass in the spring, then grubs might be chewing up the roots. Other things to look for are pests digging up your lawn, spongy sections in your lawn, and easy to pull up pieces of thatch.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, we recommend digging a little further – literally. Dig up one square foot of your lawn about 1 to 3 inches down. If you notice six or more grubs in the area, you have a problem.

Smaller numbers shouldn’t have any negative impact on your lawn, but you can certainly still treat them if you’re worried about it getting out of hand.

When To Apply Grub Control

Once you decide you need grub control, you need to determine when to apply it. Early spring really is the best time of year to apply grub control. This is when grubs come up from their long winter hibernation to eat before escaping to mate.

By spraying in early spring, you get them when they’re most active, which gives you the best chance of taking them out. If you spray in summer, they won’t be there, and in the fall, they’re coming back to lay their eggs.

And by winter, they dig too deep for the grub control to be effective. Wait till spring and spray. Feel free to spray again in the fall, but if you took care of them in the spring, you likely won’t need to reapply unless you live in a grub-infested area.

Picking a Grub Control Product

The most effective grub control product is one you’ll use. While that might seem like common sense, it might not be something you realize is a problem until you get it in the mail. We want to set you up for success which is why we highlighted some factors you need to look out for here.

Picking a Grub Control Product

Granules vs Sprays

The top grub control products come in either a granule or a spray. Granules are small little pellets that you spread over your lawn, and it breaks down to kill the grubs. To apply granules you need a spreader. Too many people think they can spread it by hand and get the results they’re looking for – you won’t.

Chances are you’ll overapply in some areas and not enough in others. The end result is dead patches from too much product in some areas and grubs tearing up the grass in others. Spreaders give you consistent results, so they’re worth the investment.

Sprays are the other option. While they have ready-to-use sprays that you hook up to your garden hose if you want the best bang for your buck, go with a concentrate. Sure, you’ll need a spray mixer, but if you need to apply it more than once you’re already getting your money back.

Just keep in mind that using a sprayer means you’ll have to ensure you cover all the different areas of the grass evenly. It’s far easier than slinging granules by hand, but it’s not as foolproof as a spreader.

Treating for Other Insects

Chances if you have grubs, they’re not the only insects terrorizing your lawn. So, when you’re applying a grub control product, look at what else they take care of.

Every product we highlighted here takes care of more than just grubs, and that’s a big deal. They also wipe out ants that can tear apart your lawn, ticks that get you and your family sick, and mosquitoes that are both unpleasant and can spread diseases.

Taking care of your lawn means getting rid of pests that can harm your family, and with any of these grub control products you’re taking a major step in the right direction.

Applying the Grub Control

We should emphasize that you need to follow the instructions on the package exactly. There’s definitely too much of a good thing, but if you don’t use enough then you’ll still have grubs tearing up your lawn.

Finally, unlike many other products and fertilizers, you want to keep dry after applying, with grub control you want to water the area thoroughly to work the grub control into the soil. Grubs live underground, and water helps the grub control get there.

But just because you should water the lawn doesn’t mean you want rain to help you get the job done. Too much rain and storms can still wash the grub control away. That’s why you should opt for a clear day and to water your lawn afterward. This gives you complete control, and that helps you get the best possible results.

Final Thoughts

Grubs are extremely frustrating, and they’re not something you need to deal with if you take a little time to treat them. If you already have everything you need to fertilize or treat for weeds, then taking an extra pass for grub control isn’t that big of a deal.

But skipping the treatment can lead to a patchy lawn, tons of pests, and more bugs than ever. Don’t take the risk. Use grub control.


How Do You Get Rid of Grubs Naturally?

If you don’t want to use any chemicals in your lawn to get rid of grubs, you’re not alone. One of the best homemade remedies is simply a mixture of Dawn dish soap and water.
While it’s not as effective as the products we listed above, it is a completely natural solution to help clear out grubs. Just keep in mind that applying it too much to your lawn can damage your lawn too!

What Is the Safest Way To Get Rid of Grubs?

The safest way to get rid of grubs is with granules, which have a much lower chance of spreading to places they shouldn’t or getting ingested. Just follow the directions on the packaging and keep kids and pets off the grass for a few days, and you don’t have anything to worry about.

What Are Signs of Grubs in Lawn?

Signs of Grubs in Lawn
Some of the most common signs of grubs in your lawn include thinning grass, dead patches of grass, and turf that easily pulls up by hand. You can also feel spongy areas when you step on the grass, even if it hasn’t rained in a few days.

Will Grass Come Back After Grubs?

While the grass will eventually come back on its own after grubs, it’s best to reseed the patchy areas to get consistent results as quickly as possible. Of course, you’ll need to get rid of the grub infestation first, or they’ll just keep gobbling up the roots!

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