Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess – What’s The Difference?

Often people are not aware of the differences between the common Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess. This guide is meant to help fix that!

There are three types of Hoyas:

  1. Hoya Krimson Queen
  2. Hoya Krimson Princess
  3. Hoya Australis Lisa

These Hoyas are commonly found in Europe and the US. This guide helps establish the dissimilarities between the Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess as these are two different Hoyas that are very similar. As you read this guide, you will learn to identify them properly and expand your knowledge when it comes to taking care of them.

Did you know?

In the 1950s, Hoya Krimson Princess was trademarked and sold under this name. The trademark expired more than 40 years ago; however, the name Krimson Princess has stuck around. Technically, the name of the plant was/is Hoya Carnosa Rubra.

Hoya Krimson Princess

Difference Between Hoya Krimson Queen and Princess

The main difference between the two Hoyas has been listed below!

Leaf Color and Texture

Hoya Krimson Queen with Creamy White Margin

  • Color: Pink/White to yellow-tinted white around the edges of the leaf. As new leaves come out, they are bright pink but gradually turn entirely white. The leaves are, however, primarily dark green.
  • Texture: Shiny and pulpy with a smooth surface.
  • Shape: Thin Cordate shape.
  • Size: The leaves usually grow to be 2 inches long.
  • Stem: Brown color.
  • Extended internode: Present.

Hoya Krimson Princess Leaves With Green Borderlines

  • Color: The leaves and vines start as vibrant pink colors. Gradually the leaves turn yellowish-white, concentrated at the middle (and not the edges like the Krimson Queen’s leaves).
  • Texture: Thick leaves that are waxier and smoother than the Krimson Queen.
  • Shape: Lanceolate leaves
  • Size: The leaves can grow up to 5 cm long.
  • Stem: Stunning pinkish color
  • Extended internode: Not present.


The flowers of the two plants look the same, and it isn’t easy to distinguish between the two flowers. One major characteristic is that the flower of the Krimson Princess is bright reddish at the center, while the Krimson Queen’s flower is entirely pink.

Both plants belong to the Apocynaceae family and are part of the Hoya genus. Hoyas are native to many parts of Asia, such as Thailand, India, China, Indonesia, and Japan. They are also natives of Australia. Hoyas were cultivated around 200 years ago.


The ‘Botanical Name’ of the Hoya Krimson Princess is Hoya carnosa albomarginata. The ‘Botanical Name’ of the Hoya Krimson Queen is Hoya carnosa Rubra.

Both plants belong to the Apocynaceae family and are part of the genus Hoya. Hoyas are native to many parts of Asia such as Thailand, India, China, Indonesia, and Japan. They are also native to Australia. Hoyas were cultivated around 200 years ago.

Growth Habit

Krimson Princess grows more slowly than the Krimson Queen. There is a reason why the latter grows at a faster rate. Plants require chlorophyll to grow.

The leaves of the plants have chlorophyll that helps absorb sunlight to make food for the plants. (Remember, photosynthesis?). So, the Krimson Queen has a lot more chlorophyll.

The dark coloring of its leaves indicates the presence of more chlorophyll. However, Krimson Princess has less chlorophyll, characterized by its leaves’ lighter green shade. Hence, the growth of this Hoya is slower.

Krimson Queen is preferred for propagation over Krimson Princess due to its faster growth rate. You have to repot them earlier than the Krimson Princess.

Height and Structure

Krimson Queen absorbs more sunlight. When comparing growth speeds between Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess, it is evident that Krimson is faster.

They can approximately grow from 5 to 6.5 ft long when left indoors. However, in their natural habitat, these plants can tower over 25 ft.

Meanwhile, the Hoya Krimson Princess grows at a slower rate. They can grow upto 4 ft if planted at home. While in their natural habitat, these plants can go to a height of 18 ft.

Many people wonder why plants grow more in forests and jungles. The reason is that in these places, plants receive more sunlight. Hence, they absorb more chlorophyll to produce food. This enhances their growth tremendously.


Each of the plants’ cost varies depending upon the location, time of the year you are planning to buy them, and the size of the plant. However, the price difference between Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess is noticeable.

Krimson Queen prices are in the range of $31-$49, and the cost of Krimson Princess is around $18-$20.

Growing Requirements

If you are new to Hoyas, there are some things that you should know about them.

  1. Hoyas thrive on neglect. They are perfect for people with busy lifestyles who love having plants around but don’t have time to take care of them regularly!
  2. They don’t need to be watered regularly. They can survive a long time after being watered.
  3. They don’t require much space to grow; you can place them in tight spots.
  4. They don’t require regular feeding. Hence, you can go a long time without fertilizing, and they will still grow beautifully for you!

By now, you will be able to differentiate the two plants due to their physical differences. However, if you plan to keep these plants in your homes or offices, you need to know these requirements. Like their minor physical differences, there are some differences in their growth conditions.

Watering Frequency

You can figure out the water requirements of these plants by observing their leaves. The Krimson Princess’s leaves are thick have more capacity for water storage. Hence Princess requires less water. In contrast, Krimson Queen has thinner leaves, indicating that the plant must be watered more frequently.

The amount and frequency of water required depending on the location, time of the year, and the atmosphere. For example, you have to water the plants less during the winter and autumn seasons.

Keep in mind that if the plants’ soil is wet, you don’t have to water them as this may damage the plants. You have to water the plants when you notice that the soil is starting to become too dry.

The thumb rule is to water the Hoya Krimson Queen about 3 times a week. During winter, you can reduce the number of times you water the plant.


As both plants require sunlight to grow properly, it is best to keep the plants in the area of your house that receives adequate indirect sunlight. Keeping these plants indoors stunts their growth because they will receive less sunlight than they would outdoors.

Krimson Princess requires slightly more sunlight. Hence, you have to keep the Krimson Princess near the sun for a longer time. This also prevents the rotting of the roots. Meanwhile, Krimson Queen has greener leaves, which help absorb sunlight much quicker.


These plants require a minimal amount of fertilizer. You can add fertilizers to these plants in moderate amounts.

Hoya Krimson Queen requires phosphorus and potash-based feeds. So, fertilizers that contain these two minerals have to be added to this plant. Remember that organic fertilizers are a much better option for the well-being of the plants than synthetic ones.

Synthetic fertilizers may cause burns at the roots of the plants. You can add fertilizers every fortnight during the blooming season of the plants.

However, Hoya Krimson Princess is sensitive to fertilizers, so you have to take extra care when adding fertilizers to this plant.

If you are adding fertilizer in liquid form, you have to first mix the solution in water at mid-strength of what the labels on the package say. This helps to prevent any adverse effects on the plant.

You don’t have to fertilize these plants during autumn and winter. The nutrient requirements of the plants lower during these seasons. Moreover, remember that it is always better to under-fertilize the plants than over-fertilize them as the latter may kill them.

Similarities between Hoya Krimson Queen Vs Princess

There are many similarities between these two plants as well. That’s why it’s not so easy for newcomers to differentiate them. Firstly, as said above, both the plants come from the same family genus origins. Caring requirements for these plants is also very similar such as:

  • Humidity: Average humidity is required.
  • Temperature: Warm.
  • Fertilizer: The same type of fertilizers are needed.
  • Light: Bright but indirect light.
  • Soil: The plants should have a soil mixture containing orchid bark with perlite.

Apart from the caring requirements, the flowers of the two plants have the same scent, and they bloom at the same phase of their lifecycle, that is, after 3 years.

Moreover, they have very similar entirely green leaves. The new leaves of both the plants are pinkish in color and later turn into a shade of white. However, they both are lovely plants, hands down.


These plants may or may not bloom. One can never know! Even if you take great care of them, there are chances that they will not bloom.

Both the plants grow flowers that have minor physical differences. However, their flowers bloom in the same season. It takes at least 2 years for the flowers to bloom.

Both the Hoyas grow pale pink to white-colored flowers. They grow in clusters and have a waxy, porcelain-like appearance. They also often look like they are made of plastic. People buy these plants because of their cute flowers.


The ideal temperatures for the Hoya Krimson Queen and the Princess are between 15°C and 35°C. These plants grow well in hot temperatures; however, they will adapt nicely to your indoor environment if the temperature is within the above range.

These plants are sensitive, so in winters, you should never place them near windows. Low temperatures inhibit the growth of these plants.


If you want these plants to flower, increase their overall humidity to 80 percent maximum. These plants grow well in high humidity. In case of dry and hot summer air, you will have to provide extra moisture in the environment by misting or placing a tray for moisture release.

Misting is not often recommended, though, because it often leads to fungal attacks on the plant’s leaves, so you shouldn’t do excessive misting. You don’t have to stress a lot regarding humidity.

Both the plants can grow nicely even when the level of moisture in the air is low. Krimson Queen requires slightly higher humidity than Krimson Princess.


In the wild, both plants climb upwards on trees with their roots exposed in the air. That is how all Hoya genus plants grow in their natural habitat. However, the environment is different when these plants are placed indoors as houseplants.

You also have to make sure that you use the correct type of soil for both the plants. You can even hang it on your roof, balcony, or railing.

The best miracle soil for both of the plants is semi-shade soil. Ensure that the potting mix contains peat moss, perlite, and orchid bark.


Both plants are easy to care for and do not require pruning to thrive. You can do pruning if you want the plants to grow more flowers or become thicker and clustered.

You can also do pruning to maintain the plant’s growth and flourish the variegations. Pruning also prevents the plants from getting infected with pathogenic infections like rotting the roots. If you think that your plant might get infected, then you can go ahead and prune it.


It is not recommended to repot these two Hoyas. They thrive when they remain in one spot. You might, in unwanted circumstances, be forced to repot them. Situations where you have to repot these plants:

  • When a disease infects these plants.
  • Fungal attacks on plants

If you find yourself having to repot these plants, then make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • The miracle soil has to be well-draining.
  • Make sure your pot has adequate drainage. If it isn’t, you can drill extra holes underneath the pot.
  • Discard the old miracle soil when used once.


Below are answers to some common questions related to the Hoya Krimson Queen vs Hoya Krimson Princess debate.

Are Hoya Krimson Queen Slow Growers?

No, the Krimson Queen is one of the faster-growing Hoya varieties out there. These vines grow faster than the other Hoya variations. However, if we compare it to the other vining plants, it has a slightly slower growth rate.

What is the Difference Between the Hoya Krimson Queen and the Hoya Krimson Princess?

The primary distinction between Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess is that the latter has white leaves with a yellow hue and a green border around the edges. Krimson Queen has green leaves with a deep white margin.

How Do You Care For a Hoya Krimson Queen?

For proper care, the Hoya Krimson Queen requires:

  • Bright indirect light
  • Potting soil should include perlite, pumice, and peat moss.
  • Ideal temperature: 61-95F (16-35C)
  • Watering requirements: 1-3 times a week
  • Humidity levels: Average

Does the Krimson Princess Have Pink Leaves?

When the leaves of a Krimson Princess are new, they are pink around the edges or sometimes entirely pink. However, they turn creamy white and green around the edges as they grow.

Does Hoya Krimson Princess Grow Fast?

The Hoya Krimson Princess does not grow fast. Hence, you don’t have to repot them frequently. To encourage flowering and overall growth, you must keep them in indirect bright sunlight.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Hoya Krimson Queen and Krimson Princess might look similar, but they have some physical differences and varying growing requirements. Both plants come from the same genus Hoya. This is why some of their features are pretty similar (when you aren’t paying attention to detail).

In summary, the plants exhibit differences in their leaves, colors, flowers, growing patterns, height, and growth requirements. Meanwhile, the plants have similarities in their blooming season, temperature and humidity needs, and pruning process.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you answer the question ‘What is the difference between the Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess’ and you’re better equipped at taking care of them.

Happy planting!

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