How to Plant, Care and Propagate Geranium (2022)

Geranium plants are a popular choice among homeowners looking to add a splash of color to their front yards! These plants are versatile, bright, and joyful, and possibly the best thing about Geranium plants is that you can propagate geranium easily and quickly.

Although you can plant seeds to get a Geranium, it takes approximately 12 to 16 weeks for your plants to bloom. This means that Geranium plants take almost four months from when you plant the seed to grow. So, are Geraniums easy to propagate then? They’re actually really easy and nearly effortless! The first step is to take a cutting of a mother Geranium plant.

How to Take a Cutting of Geranium

Don’t be afraid to take a cutting of your Geranium plant. Although it may be sad to clip a piece of your plant off, it will grow back again! When cutting a Geranium, the first thing you should do is gather the right materials and tools.

I prefer to use gloves to protect my hands from the hard stems. While you can just tear a piece off of your plant, it’s better to use heavy-duty scissors or shears. When you properly use gardening tools, it can decrease the chances of harming the cutting.

When should you take Geranium cuttings? You should only take Geranium stem cuttings when the plant is ready. Before you cut a stem, you need to choose a strong one that is healthy and not too mature. The best way to look for a stem is to find a stem with the leaves intact but without any new buds or flowers. If there are none, you can pinch off the flowers.

Once you locate the perfect stem for cutting, take your scissors or shears and cut at a 45-degree angle. It would be best if you also cut right below a leaf node. Although you can propagate a cutting of any size, expert gardeners recommend a stem with a maximum of 8 inches and a minimum of 4 inches long.

You should place your Geranium cutting to the side, with a little bit of water immediately. Can I save my Geraniums for next year? It is possible to overwinter Geranium plants indoors, however, you cannot save a cutting for more than a few hours. The cutting will start to wither away and lose its color and leaves.

Where Do You Propagate Geranium?

Geranium is a beautiful plant that is not picky! You can grow Geranium and root a stem cutting during any time of the year. However, only take the cutting three weeks before your last estimated freeze. The most common ways to propagate Geranium include directly in water and in a pot with nutrient rich soil.

Directly in Water

Can you root Geranium cuttings in water? Yes! Rooting Geranium cuttings in water is the most common and reliable way to root this plant. You should find a large glass container or cup and fill it with room temperature water. Try not to use cold or hot water as it can shock the new stem cutting.

Place the stem cutting in the water near a sunny windowsill in a room that is approximately 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun will give the plant energy to keep growing and rooting. You may be wondering then, how long do Geranium cuttings take to root in water? Geranium cutting takes anywhere from two to six weeks to grow.

There are a few downsides, however, to rooting Geranium directly in water. The water can cause root rot though if there is not enough oxygen. The best way to avoid this is by placing the stem cutting and water in a cup with a large enough opening for air circulation. Don’t cover the water or cutting, as the humidity can invite bacteria and mold.

In a Pot with Soil

Did you know you can also propagate Geranium flowers by placing the stem cutting directly into a pot with soil? It’s true! Although this method is not as popular, it still produces fully grown and mature Geranium plants.

For this method, I recommend using potting soil rich in nutrients. You can find a gardening mix for seedlings that works well to provide the cutting with nutrients to root. Place the cutting in the pot of soil, so about 3 inches of the cutting is submerged. Lightly water, and place in a sunny spot.

You can place this plant in a pot outside or by a windowsill. You should know that Geranium does grow quite large! It’s best to plant it in a container with enough room to grow properly. Once the plant roots, you can check on the progress by digging up the soil occasionally.

When Is It Time to Transplant a Geranium?

It is time to transplant a Geranium plant when the roots are long enough to tangle with each other! It takes some time and practice to transplant this plant correctly. However, if you place the stem cutting into a pot with soil, the plant roots in the container.

When to Plant Geranium Outside

After you successfully propagate Geranium from the mother plant, you can plant it outside. But when is the best time to do so? What about the medium?

Flower Beds

The flowers of the Geranium plant are brilliant and come in a wide range of colors. One of the most popular choices is to use Geranium plants in flower beds. Not only are the flowers spectacular to look at, but they protect root plants and increase the presence of pollinators.

Geranium flowers range in colors like red, pink, yellow, and white. The gorgeous flowers and vivid green foliage creeps and expands on the ground. You do need to prune these plants in flower beds though, as they can quickly take over the space!

Directly In the Ground

Some gardeners prefer to sow their newly rooted Geranium plants directly in the ground! This can be done in your backyard or front yard. There are a lot of benefits to planting Geranium flowers directly in the ground. However, you do need to be careful, as the root systems continue to grow and may uproot other plants.

If you notice that your Geranium is not growing, it could be because the soil in your backyard does not have enough nutrients or viable life. Directly planting Geranium in the ground is the least popular choice for this reason.

Hanging Baskets

If you love having a decorative flair, then Geranium in hanging baskets are for you! The dazzling flowers bloom and hang downward, attracting the attention of others. This is a great container to transplant your Geranium rooted cutting for outdoor hangout spaces.

Hanging baskets are also unique! There are so many varieties and they work great for gardeners looking to maximize their space. Some hanging baskets dangle on a windowsill, while others from the top of a balcony or tree.


Can you root Geranium cuttings in water?

Yes! You can root Geranium cuttings in water easily. It is important to protect your Geranium plants from root rot though, by ensuring that there is enough air circulation in the cut or pot of water.

Are Geraniums easy to propagate?

Geraniums are very easy to propagate. Not only do these plants grow quickly, but they also root in various materials including potting soil and water.

How long do Geranium cuttings take to root in water?

Geranium cuttings take little to no time to root in water. You can see the start of roots growing in the first week of placing the stem cutting into water. However, the stem cutting is not ready for transplanting for a minimum of four weeks, or when the roots grow long enough to tangle.

When should you take Geranium cuttings?

The timing of Geranium cuttings is everything! Since these cuttings only take a few weeks to root in water or soil, you should wait until about 4 weeks before your last frost. After you wait, you can choose your favorite stem with bright green foliage. It should be healthy, but without flower buds.

Can I save my Geraniums for next year?

Kind of! There are a few ways to overwinter Geraniums, but these plants still take time. Geranium plants need warmth and sunlight to survive. If you have a set of grow lights and space, you can keep them alive and flourishing in your home.

If you don’t have grow lights, you can still save your Geraniums. You can do this by placing the plant in a warm room with sunlight through a window. During this overwintering method, your plant may lose a few leaves and stop growing. It is still alive though and simply resting and waiting for Spring.

However, you cannot save a stem cutting for longer than a few hours! Within a few hours, the plant starts to wither and die.


All in all, Geranium plants are a delight to grow! These beautiful flowers light up homes, backyards, and smiles! Although it is tedious to wait for seeds to grow large enough to produce large blooms, you don’t have to wait long if you propagate Geranium.

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