Best 10 Watermelon Varieties Seeds to Grow

Who doesn’t love a large and delicious watermelon during the summer months? Watermelon is a delicious fruit with a rich history. This fruit grows from vines, and there are thousands of varieties all around the world! Even if you only have a small space to grow, such as an apartment or container, you can still grow watermelons if you buy the right variety of seeds!

What are Watermelons

Watermelons are a part of the Cucurbitaceae family, with large leaves and even longer vines. Like many other fruits, watermelon plants start as a seed. With time they grow and produce bright yellow flowers. However, the color of the flower depends on the exact variety. Through pollination, the flower dries out, and the watermelon grows from the flower.

These plants are delicious and easy to grow! They are especially popular in the United States and China. ⅔ of the watermelons sold in the world came from China. Watermelon plants are also very unique! The Viney plant produces a male and female flower. Although the wind does help with pollination, you can self pollinate your plants using a thin brush.

Watermelons can be planted both vertically and horizontally. If you are growing watermelons from seeds in a raised bed, they do well on the ground. The vines stretch, and the large leaves protect the fruit from critters, bugs, and harsh weather. For those of us with small spaces, sadly, growing horizontally or in the ground is not an option. Thankfully, there are watermelon varieties made especially to climb up a trellis or stake.

What color watermelon is the sweetest? Typically, Watermelons have a green, yellow, and brown pattern on the outside, that protects the fruit and seeds on the inside. The hard ‘shell’ is similar to a pumpkin’s outsides.

The fruit on the inside is edible and is usually a bright red with little black seeds throughout the plant. While this is the case, not all watermelons are bred the same! There are yellow, pink, and white varieties of watermelon that taste different and yet are still delicious. Usually the redder the inside, the sweeter the watermelon.

Why are watermelons striped? The beautiful and eye-catching stripes on common watermelons is an indicator of readiness. However, the number of stripes doesn’t matter. The only thing we need to focus on is the color between the stripes. The lighter it is, the riper it is.


  • Non-GMO and Safe to Grow at Home
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Clear Labels with Instructions on how to Grow
  • 4 Packets with Diverse Watermelon Varieties
  • Grows Vertical and Horizontal
  • Heat-loving plants
  • Easy to Grow
  • Great for Small Spaces
  • Container Friendly

The 10 Best Watermelon Variety Seeds

There are so many Watermelon seeds to choose from it makes sense if you feel overwhelmed. However, there is a lot of help! Watermelons are amazing and unlike peppers or tomatoes cannot grow through a cutting.

Our journey into growing watermelon starts by choosing the right seeds. Thankfully, online there are hundreds of options for Watermelon seeds. Listed down below are my top 10 picks for the Best Watermelon Variety seeds.

1. Sow Right Seeds – Best Watermelon Seed Variety Pack

[lasso ref=”sow-right-seeds-watermelon-seed-collection-for-planting-crimson-sweet-allsweet-sugar-baby-yellow-crimson-and-golden-midget-melon-seeds-non-gmo-heirloom-seeds-to-plant-a-home-vegetable-garden” id=”4318″ link_id=”4297″]

The four Watermelon varieties in the Sow Right Seeds packet are All Sweet, Crimson Sweet, Sugar Baby, and Yellow Crimson. This pack is unique, because the shape and the color of each watermelon is very different!

For example, the Yellow Crimson has a yellow inside that is relatively sweet. The color pops out and is unique! It is definitely a showstopping piece to show off your gardening skills with. For us with small spaces, the Sugar Baby variety gives us the ability to grow Watermelons anywhere! The size is relatively small, but it’s still edible and delicious.

Style: Watermelon Seeds- Variety pack

Application: Sow Directly into Dirt

Size: 4 Packets

There are also detailed instructions written behind each packet on how to sow and care for your Watermelon plant. You can also go to their website for more guidance or information.


  • 4 Packets with Diverse Watermelon Varieties
  • Grows Vertical and Horizontal
  • Heat-loving plants

2. Sow Right Seeds Tri-Color Watermelon Seed – Most Colorful Watermelons

[lasso ref=”sow-right-seeds-tri-color-watermelon-seed-collection-for-planting-red-jubilee-yellow-crimson-and-orange-tendersweet-watermelons-non-gmo-heirloom-seeds-to-plant-a-home-vegetable-garden” id=”4319″ link_id=”4298″]

Each packet comes with a new variety that is labeled with clear instructions. All the varieties are large, sweet, and heat loving! The varieties included are Red All Sweet, Yellow Crimson and Orange Tendersweet Watermelons.

Style: Watermelon Seeds

Application: Sow Directly into Soil

Size: 3 Packets

These three packs are diverse and great for beginners learning how to garden at home! Each and every seed is fresh and non-GMO. The company prides itself in providing safe seeds that are heirloom varieties. You will never get bored with this variety pack! Don’t let the colors fool you either, yellow and orange watermelons are just as sweet and hydrating.


  • Unique and colorful varieties of Watermelon
  • Non-GMO and Safe to Grow at Home
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Clear Labels with Instructions on how to Grow

3. Sugar Baby Heirloom Variety Watermelon Seeds – Great for Outdoor Growing

[lasso ref=”watermelon-seeds-for-planting-sugar-baby-heirloom-variety-non-gmo-fruit-seed-2-grams-of-seeds-great-for-outdoor-garden-by-gardeners-basics” id=”4320″ link_id=”4299″]

Surprisingly, this Sugar Baby Heirloom variety of watermelon seeds is easy to grow, with a high germination rate.

The best zones to grow these seeds are zones 3-11. They are not cold hardy, and need lots of sun and warmth to thrive and grow! Although they are small, these watermelons are packed with delicious and sweet flavors! The best way to eat one after harvesting it from your own garden is to cut it in half and eat it with a spoon.

Style: Heirloom Watermelon Seeds

Application: Sow Directly into Dirt (Outside)

Size: 1 Packet of 45 Seeds

There are approximately 45 seeds in each packet, with clear instructions on the back as well! As impressive as these seeds are, it is also important to grow them outside! They are heat tolerant and react well to direct sunlight, as long as you water them frequently through the height of summer.


  • Easy to Grow
  • Great for Small Spaces
  • Container Friendly
  • Heat loving and Summer hardy

4. Organic Watermelon Seeds – Most Affordable!

[lasso ref=”organic-watermelon-seeds-appr-75-crimson-sweet-watermelon-heirloom-vegetable-seeds-certified-organic-non-hybrid-usa” id=”4321″ link_id=”4300″]

These organic watermelon seeds are sold in a set of two varieties: Crimson Sweet Watermelon and Heirloom Vegetable Seeds.

The Organic Watermelon seeds are affordable and certified organic, so there is nothing to worry about! The seeds are also not hybrids and require a lot of space to grow. Although it is possible to grow these watermelon seeds in a container, it is best suited for the ground or in a raised bed with space. These seeds produce large watermelons with hydrating benefits!

Style: Watermelon seeds

Application: Sow directly into dirt outside

Size: 2 Packets of 75 seeds

The watermelon seeds originate in the U.S! The company also offers excellent customer service with No-Questions-Asked and a 30-Day Guarantee. The seeds will only germinate in soils of 75-95 degrees Fahrenheit that are well-watered so that the roots can set. These are ideal for people living in USDA Zone 11.

5. Black Diamond Watermelon Seeds – Best for Large Watermelons!

[lasso ref=”50-black-diamond-watermelon-seeds-for-planting-heirloom-non-gmo-fruit-seeds-for-planting-grows-big-giant-watermelons-averaging-30-50-lbs” id=”4322″ link_id=”4301″]

It is fascinating to look at, as the inside is a deep red when ripe. Don’t let the outer layer fool you though, the watermelon is still very sweet!

These seeds have a high germination rate and need a soil temperature of at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit to grow. You do need to water them well though as the soil can dry out and crack the roots, harming the watermelon underneath. These seeds need to be planted approximately 3inches apart so that the roots don’t tangle and eventually rot.

Style: Watermelon Seeds

Application: Sow outside after last frost in Spring or Summer

Size: 50 Seeds in one Packet

The most impressive thing about these seeds though is that they produce fruit that reach up to 50lbs! They are massive watermelons that still retain their delicious, sweet, and hydrating flavors. Some Black Diamond watermelons have reached over 75lbs!


  • Produces Large Watermelons Reaching up to 50lbs in weight
  • Easy to Sow into Soil
  • Clear Instructions on the Packet
  • Very Affordable Price for Lots of Seeds

6. Melon Fruit Seeds For Planting Home Garden – The Best Value

[lasso ref=”melon-fruit-seeds-for-planting-home-garden-5-variety-packs-hales-best-cantaloupe-crimson-sweet-watermelon-yellow-canary-melon-green-flesh-honeydew-melon-sugar-baby-watermelon-by-gardeners-basics” id=”4323″ link_id=”4302″]

For instance, the watermelon varieties in this pack include: Hales Best Cantaloupe, Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Yellow Canary Melon, Green Flesh Honeydew Melon and Sugar Baby Watermelon.

The company is also rated very highly and has lots of positive reviews from customers happy with the germination rate and beautiful colors! Hales Best Cantaloupe, for instance, is a bright orange and yellow on the inside. The taste is slightly tangy, but delicious! All the seeds in the packet are also non-GMO and are heirloom tested for great quality!

Style: Watermelon and Melon Seeds

Application: Apply Directly into Soil in Spring and Summer

Size: 5 Packs weighing Approximately 1.13 ounces

Not only are these melon and watermelon seeds happy fruit producers, but they are easy to grow! They thrive outside and can be grown in containers and in the ground. The best USDA zones for these seeds are zones 3-11. The warmer the area, the better!


  • Easy To Grow
  • Affordable and Packed with Seeds
  • Fresh Seeds all Non-GMO
  • Grows up to 1 feet tall

7. Cal Sweet Supreme Watermelon Seeds – The Best Seeds for In Ground Growing

[lasso ref=”cal-sweet-supreme-watermelon-seeds-125-heirloom-seeds-per-packet-non-gmo-seeds-high-germination-purity-botanical-name-citrullus-lanatus-islas-garden-seeds” id=”4324″ link_id=”4303″]

They are a bit harder to grow, but each packet comes with detailed instructions to help! These seeds produce plants that fruit and grow up to 35lbs! If you are looking for a watermelon variety that grows well in warm weather and on the ground, this is the one!

The leaves on this unique plant are large and the vines can stretch up to 10 feet in length. This variety is best suited for people with big backyards or growing spaces! It is disease resistant and the large leaves protect the growing watermelons on the ground. While you can try to grow these watermelons horizontally, the heaviness of the melons can accidentally snap off the vines!

Style: Watermelon Seeds

Application: Apply and sow into the ground directly after last frost

Size: 125 Heirloom Seeds in one pack

Arguably the best thing about these is how rapidly they grow! You can harvest a large watermelon within 100 days of planting the seeds. They also produce a lot of watermelons at one and the pollination rate is high! This can save you time and energy self pollinating the flowers.


  • Grows Melons up to 35lbs!
  • Easy to Grow and Versatile
  • 125 Seeds per Pack-Great Value
  • Perfect for Horizontal Growing

8. Burpee Hale’s Best Jumbo Cantaloupe Melon Seeds – Best Bulk Buy

[lasso ref=”burpee-hales-best-jumbo-cantaloupe-melon-seeds-200-seeds” id=”4325″ link_id=”4304″]

They come in approximately 200 seeds per packet and have a very high germination rate!

Not only are these melon seeds worth the money, but they produce gorgeous flowers that compliment any garden experience. From the large flowers, grows cantaloupe that reach up to 6″ fruit. You can harvest this cantaloupe variety only 80 days after you have planted the seeds. They grow quickly and produce a sweet smelling melon that tastes even better!

Style: Cantaloupe Seeds

Application: Directly into the Ground

Size: 200 Seeds per Packet

The plant is annual and beloved for its vibrant colors. The outside of the cantaloupe has a wonderful design and pattern that protects the orange inside and the seeds. The plant needs full exposure and about 1-2 inches of water each week. However, during dry spells you should always water more frequently.


  • Easy to Grow and Clear Instructions on Each Seed Pack
  • Delicious Cantaloupes that are Large and Round
  • Plenty of Seeds to Use (200)

9. Cucamelon Seeds for Planting – Greatest Hybrid Variety

[lasso ref=”cucamelon-seeds-for-planting-cucamelons-fruit-seeds-300-mini-cucumber-watermelon-seeds-mexican-sour-gherkin” id=”4326″ link_id=”4305″]

This unique seed variety is highly sought after for its unique appearance and quick harvesting time!

It only takes approximately 60 days or so to produce cucamelons from seed. This is not the only impressive thing about this hybrid though. One plant can produce hundreds of cucamelons if it is taken care of! The seed packet provides you with 300 seeds, which weigh about 0.3 ounces.

Style: Cucamelon Seeds

Application: Sow Directly into Soil

Size: 300 Seeds per Packet

The tiny size of these Cucamelon plants allows gardeners to choose between inside and outside growing. The plant can grow rather tall, but if you clip it back can thrive in a container, away from pests and diseases. Like other melon varieties though, the Cucamelon does need full sun and lots of water.

It takes at least 5-15 days for Cucamelon seeds to root and grow into a seedling. Once it gets its first set of true leaves, you can plant them into the ground. It is important to note, however, that these plants do not like the cold. They are heat-tolerant and should be placed under the sun or under grow lights.


  • Unique Variety with Tangy Taste
  • Only takes 60 Days to Produce Cucamelons
  • Great for Containers and Outdoor Planting
  • Lots of Seeds
  • Affordable!

10. Exotic Radish Watermelon Seeds for Planting – Best Root Variety of Watermelon

[lasso ref=”exotic-radish-watermelon-seeds-for-planting-250-seeds-rare-garden-vegetable-seeds” id=”4327″ link_id=”4306″]

The outside of the radish is a bright scarlet red, while the inside is a pink and white, that looks a lot like the inside of a watermelon.

The variety is not sweet though! The only similarity that Radish Watermelons have to melons is their appearance. These radishes taste savory and are great paired with some salt and pepper. When you sprinkle pepper on slices of Radish Watermelon, the pepper bits look like watermelon seeds! They are also quick to harvest, only taking about 60 days from planting the seed!

Style: Radish Seeds

Application: Sow into the Ground

Size: 1 Packet of 250 Seeds

When planting these small seeds, be sure to only add one to two seeds in each area. You also need to sow them about ¼ of an inch deep into the soil. Since radishes are roots, they grow underneath. The tops of Radish Watermelons are also tasty though! You can harvest the radish tops as the plant underneath continues to grow.

The best time to plant these seeds is in spring. Sadly, they do not tolerate too much heat or too much cold. Spring and Fall are the best seasons if you are in USDA zones 3-11. You can also plant them in containers, as long as they have about 1 foot of space to grow!


  • Delicious and Savory Radishes
  • Short Harvest Time of 60 Days
  • The Tops of the Radish are Edible
  • Can be Grown in Small spaces with containers

The History of Watermelons

So, what about the history of watermelons? The history of watermelons is actually a long story! This delicious and vibrant-looking plant has been around for over 5,000 years. The first account of a human planting or eating Watermelon dates back to southern Africa thousands of years ago. Archeologists in this area discovered paintings recently that depict a gourd that appears strikingly similar to what we know as a watermelon today.

Sadly, the Watermelon’s ancestor is now extinct, but experts believe this was the first depiction of it. Not even 1000 years later, and suddenly there were Watermelons painted in the walls and tombs of pharaohs in Egypt. The first purpose of Watermelon was for hydration. About 90% of each Watermelon is mainly made of water. It is said that the first Watermelon most likely did not have much flavor. Instead, ancient Egyptians bred the original Watermelon with other varieties to give it some sweetness.

No longer was the purpose of a watermelon to dehydrate, but as a treat enjoyed by all. Each part of the world had its own version of a Watermelon with its own separate purpose. For example, in Greece and Rome, doctors and philosophers used Watermelon to heal and hydrate others. Even in the bible there is a mention of this delicious fruit.

As ships began to travel more efficiently between the warm places in North America and the Caribbean, the Watermelon plant spread! Not only was this a fruit you could buy in a market now, but it also grows in your own garden as long as you have enough sunlight. By the 17th century, you could see Watermelon plants throughout Europe.

Watermelons are even grown in Japan! What’s the most expensive watermelon? The cube watermelon, which is popular in Japan and can sell for over thousands of dollars. It is more expensive the sweeter the variety.

The history of Watermelon does not stop there, though! Horticulturists now breed different varieties of Watermelon together to get varieties like the seedless Watermelons and the Miniature Watermelons.

The Benefits of Eating Watermelons

With how sweet and sugary the plant is, it is surprising just how many health benefits come from eating watermelons! The various benefits include: strengthening heart health, aiding in weight loss, and hydration!

Strengthening Heart Health

Did you know that eating Watermelons can help strengthen your heart health? Watermelons contain lycopene, which can be used to lower cholesterol. This strengthens your heart’s health, as it decreases the chances of getting a heart attack.

Aiding in Weight Loss

For my fellow snackers out there that enjoy eating, watermelon is a delicious dessert that is low in calories! This means you don’t have to worry as much about eating ‘too’ much or going over your calories. The average calories per serving for Watermelons is just 46 calories.

You can get creative when trying to lose weight and eating fruit. For example, watermelon is a tasty snack and dessert, and it compliments salads very well!


Watermelons are best known for their hydrating properties! The number one benefit of watermelon varieiteis is that they provide delicious fruit and hydrating fruit. The sweet taste makes me forget I am eating a plant made of almost entirely water.

There is nothing better than taking a bite out of a juicy watermelon slice on a hot summer day. For children that struggle with drinking enough water or fluids, you can always give them watermelon, since it is over 70% water.

Vitamins and Minerals

There are many vitamins and minerals in Watermelon that can give you your daily intake easily! The serving size depends on the variety, however, most melon varieties contain:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

How Long Do Watermelons Take to Grow

Watermelons are very tricky plants, but they grow very large once they are established! Watermelons all differ, which means that the growing time also is different! For example, sugar baby watermelons, which are smaller than average melons great for growing in containers, take less than 100 days from planting the seed to produce fruit and an abundance of flowers.

Tips on Growing Delicious Watermelons from Seeds

Truthfully, watermelons are not hard to grow! The hardest thing about watermelon plants is getting the flowers to pollinate and produce fruit. Once the fruit is producing, there is an even harder thing to tackle though: the weight of the watermelon.

Vertical Growing

Contrary to popular belief, you can grow watermelons virtually anywhere! While it is common to see watermelons in large plots of land and in big gardens, you can creatively choose watermelon varieties that grow vertically to save space.

If you choose to grow vertical watermelons, you do need to watch out for the weight of the plant! Since watermelons can grow to an impressive size of 70lbs depending on the variety, you need to create a net or tie the vines and fruit to a stable platform. The best way to do this is to use a tomato stand to tie the vines and fruit with light rope.

As the watermelon grows larger, simply take a look at it and make adjustments as needed. Some people use arches and encourage their Watermelon varieties to vine through the holes. This gives more support, stability, and your garden a beautiful and elegant look!

Container Growing

Did you know that you can grow some watermelon varieties in containers? It’s surprisingly easy and quick to do! Since watermelon plants are susceptible to damage and trauma from pests and bugs, bringing your plants inside can lessen the impact.

If you do choose to grow Watermelon plants in a container, the container has to be large enough to accommodate the watermelon plant. You should use a container that is a minimum of 5 gallons! The soil should be well draining and the container needs to have holes at the bottom. Watermelons do not like moist areas and can develop root rot if left in too much water.

The best variety to grow in small spaces like containers is the Sugar Baby Watermelon. You can have approximately three plants in a 5 gallon container, if they are spaced out correctly. If you are choosing to grow Sugar Baby watermelons inside, then you need to grow them by a window, in a well ventilated area.

Growing plants inside is fun, but can attract pests, diseases, and form mold if there isn’t ventilation. You can invest in a fan for your Sugar Baby watermelon plant and grow lights so that it gets sufficient lighting. Since it is artificial lighting, you may need to add extra nutrients to the soil so your watermelons grow and thrive!

In containers, you also have to self pollinate your plants. This means that you need to take a small brush and find the female and male watermelon flowers. You are going to brush or ‘tickle’ the inside of each flower and pollinate the female flower.


Using fertilizer on watermelon varieties is tricky! Since there are thousands of varieties and they all require different things, it is impossible to pinpoint one fertilizer or method of fertilization that works for all plants.

The most common fertilizer for watermelon though is a liquid fertilizer made with extra nitrogen. Like beans, watermelon varieties need nitrogen to produce the vibrant green in their leaves and outer shell. You should only use fertilizer if it is absolutely necessary though. If you accidentally use too much, you can stress out your plant and kill it.

While it is tempting to use fertilizer to get the best results, not all plants need any extra nutrients! Unless you take a sol test and your plant is low on nitrogen, you shouldn’t add any more. Fertilizer should only be used in cases where your plant is missing important nutrients to grow and thrive.


All in all, watermelon varieties are a delight to have in any home garden. The fruit produced by the plant is delicious, hydrating, refreshing, and used as a medicine in other cultures. Watermelon does not have to be incredibly hard to grow! While some of us may not have a lot of space, there are options which include containers and vertical growing.

However, before deciding to grow watermelon, it’s important we learn about the plant and the many varieties there are! For thousands of years, humans have been modifying and breeding watermelon varieties to create hybrids that are heat friendly and pest resistant. There are even varieties that grow small watermelons weighing less than 10lbs.

Regardless of which watermelon variety you choose to grow, it will be rewarding to watch the flowers start producing juicy and scrumptious fruits!


What is the best watermelon variety?

This is a tricky question! There are currently about 1000 different varieties of watermelon seeds all around the world. The answer depends on your preference! The best watermelon variety that is heat loving would be the All Sweet Watermelon variety. This is a common one seen in grocery stores and gardens for its large leaves and heavy fruit.
However, the Sugar Baby watermelon variety is flavorful, but small. The best watermelon variety depends on your own preferences!

What are the sweetest varieties of watermelon?

There are so many to choose from! Most varieties of watermelon are sweet, but there are a few that are tangy. If you are looking for an overly sweet watermelon, you should look into Cal’s Sweet Supreme Watermelon. This variety grows up to 35lbs of fruit, but is absolutely sweet and delicious!
The best way to eat this sweet variety of watermelon is with a spoon on a hot summer day. This variety is a vibrant red on the inside, and is sweetest when it ripens fully. To get an even sweeter taste, you can cut the watermelon into slices and save them in the fridge for a week. They will sweeten up more!

What color watermelon is the sweetest?

As we have seen in this article, there are so many colors that a watermelon can be on the inside and the outside! Some red varieties, like the watermelon radish, are not sweet at all, but the color is still vivid. Truthfully though, this is an underlier. Most of the time the sweetest watermelons have a red or pink color on the inside.
Yellow, green, and orange watermelons have lots of flavors, but they are more similar to cantaloupes when it comes to sweetness. If you prefer a sweeter variety, you should choose a red and large watermelon. Always take note of the reviews when choosing a variety!

What’s the most expensive watermelon?

Watermelons come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and prices! On this list, the seeds are very affordable, but which watermelon is the most expensive? The black jumbo watermelon makes the list! It is a huge watermelon that is sold for thousands of dollars because of its unique shape.
While most melons are ovalular or circular, this variety is in the shape of a cube. They are not easy to grow, and very rare to find! Interestingly, the sweeter the inside of the fruit, the more expensive it is. If you find yourself with seeds of this variety, count yourself lucky!

Why are watermelons striped?

There are a lot of theories as to why watermelons have stripes. The most common one is actually wrong! Some people believe that the number of stripes on a watermelon indicates ripeness, this is sadly not true.
The reason that watermelons have stripes is to show when they are ready for harvest. However, the number of lines does not matter. The color in between the stripes should be a light green. There are even some varieties of watermelon that do not have stripes!

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